Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 26 (Season 1)

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Molly’s Flower Show

Written by holmesman

Based on the original mockup Season 19 episode by

Introducing Fiona the Florist

Molly is a large, bright yellow tender engine. She shares many physical traits as Edward, such as having the same number of wheels and a similar-looking shape. However, unlike Edward, she is not always content with doing normal jobs; Molly is an engine that loves to do special jobs.

One afternoon, Molly was at the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, talking to Jerome and Judy the breakdown cranes about the time Thomas helped her make her load special. “Thomas helped to decorate my empty coal trucks with pretty lanterns, and had the workmen cover them up with tarpaulins so no one would guess what was inside.” Molly puffed. Jerome and Judy were amazed. “That must have been an emergency.” said Jerome. “A very big emergency, indeed.” said Judy. Molly laughed and smiled. “Well, it turned out to be an emergency when the others needed coal, so Thomas convinced me that my load was special after all.” she said.

Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived on Winston. “Molly, there is to be a flower show at Abbey station.” he boomed. “You are to collect some tulips and roses from my book club friend, Fiona the Florist. You can see her in her flower shop.” “Y’know, she has worked very hard growing her flowers, Molly.” said Winston. “She has made them very special.” Molly knew this was a VERY special job indeed. “Right away, sir! I love jobs like this!” she whistled as she puffed away.

However, when Molly got to Fiona the Florist’s shop, it was closed. There was a sign that read “Closed Due to Pesticide Outbreak”. This made Molly very sad. “Now I’ll have to do a normal job….” she sighed.

When Molly got back to the Search and Rescue Center, Jerome and Judy could tell she was upset. “What’s wrong, Molly?” asked Jerome. “Is there…. an emergency?!” asked Judy. “Just a little one…” Molly answered. “Fiona’s shop is closed. I can’t pick up any of her flowers.” Jerome and Judy made a very big deal out of this, indeed. “EMERGENCY!” they exclaimed. “Molly can’t do her job, Judy!” said Jerome. “There can’t be any flower show if there is no flowers, Jerome!” said Judy. They looked at Molly’s sad face, and came with a plan. Jerome knew Judy was a big flower fanatic, just as much as Emily is. “Please go with Molly to help her find flowers, Judy.” Jerome insisted. “Just this once.”

Judy was surprised. She never parted ways with Jerome before. They always stuck together, no matter how big or small the emergency was. “Are you sure, Jerome?” Judy asked. Jerome looked at her and smiled. “I’m very sure, Judy.” he said. “Don’t you worry about me. I’ll be doing rescues with Rocky. We still got to ‘crew up’ no matter what happens.”

Soon, Molly was coupled up to Judy. “Good luck, Judy!” Jerome exclaimed. Molly knew Judy was nervous. “Don’t feel too bad, Judy.” she said. “We’re just going to get tulips and roses, that’s all. It’ll be this way just this one time.” Judy felt a little better.

Molly took Judy all over the Island of Sodor to find some tulips and roses. At first, they could find nothing, but then….. “STOP MOLLY! EMERGENCY!” Judy shouted. Molly stopped just in time! “What’s wrong, Judy? Is there a cow on the line?” Molly asked. Judy laughed and smiled. “Oh, no! There’s no accident.” she explained. “I found some tulips and roses to take to the show! Look over there!” Molly looked all over the area. Then, she found some flowers growing next to a house. It looked very old, and it seemed as if no one lived there anymore. “Are you sure about this? We shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to us.” Molly wheeshed. “Nonsense, Molly.” Judy insisted. “No one has lived in that house for a LONG time. It’s perfectly alright for us to take these flowers to the show. It’s not like these flowers actually belong to someone.” Molly was worried. Part of her wanted to say ‘no’, but she knew she had to be really useful. “If you say so, Judy.” she sighed.

Judy used her crane arm to pull the flowers out of the ground. “There we go! Tulips and roses! Just like The Fat Controller wanted you to bring, Molly!” Judy beamed. Molly was still a little unsure. “Are you SURE you’re sure about this?” she asked. “I’m VERY sure.” Judy answered. The two left for Abbey straight away, but they failed to notice one crucial flaw; the tulips and roses Judy pulled out DID belong to someone. It was a gardener that lived in the old house. “Huh? What the…. MY FLOWERS!” he exclaimed. Then, he saw Molly and Judy in the distance! “WAIT!” the gardener shouted. “Come back!” But it was too late; Molly was too far away to hear him.

Molly arrived at Abbey station just in time. Sir Topham Hatt and Fiona the Florist were already there. “I’m sorry you couldn’t get into my shop, dear.” Fiona said sweetly. “Those nasty pesticides…. They didn’t even say they were sorry.” “The important thing is, Fiona, that Molly is a really useful engine!” Sir Topham Hatt boomed. Just then, Fiona looked at the tulips and roses that Molly and Judy found. They looked even better than the ones in her shop. “I say, dear, where did you get these?” she asked. “I really like them!” And so did everyone else. Molly and Judy were excited.

At last, the flower show had begun. There were many nominations for the best flowers in the show, but it was clear whose flowers would win. “And the winner of the Abbey Flower Show is……… MOLLY AND JUDY!” Sir Topham Hatt boomed. Fiona the Florist awarded Molly and Judy’s tulips and roses a big blue ribbon. This made Molly feel very special…...

……..but not for long. Molly was about to blow her whistle with pride, when she heard an angry voice. “STOP! THOSE ARE MY FLOWERS!!!” the voice shouted. Molly was confused. Then, she saw a man coming towards her; it was the gardener that lived in the old house. “You, lady, have taken my flowers! I want them back!” he demanded. Molly felt sad. Then, she looked at Judy. “You could have told me those were HIS flowers!” she fumed. Judy felt very embarrassed. “Well… you see…. um….” she stuttered. “Say no more!” said the gardener. “Everyone thinks that the house I live in is old, and that no one lives there anymore, but I’ll have you know that I live in that house, and those are MY flowers!”

Molly and Judy felt upset. They felt as though their hard work was all for nothing, until….

“Say…” the gardener said, looking at his flowers. “I never thought my tulips and roses would ever win a flower show before.” Molly was surprised. So was Judy. “You mean, you NEVER won a flower show before?” they asked. The gardener sighed. “Indeed.” he said. “I always lost to my old college roommate Fiona.” Molly and Judy looked at Fiona the Florist. “Well, dearie….” she said. “I always wanted my flowers to be the best…”

Sir Topham Hatt walked up to the gardener. “So it seems YOU have won the competition, not Molly.” he boomed. The gardener smiled from ear to ear. “Why… yes…” he said. “I guess I did...” Then the gardener turned to Molly. “And….” he continued. “It was all thanks to YOU, Molly. I am so grateful. More grateful than anything good in the world.” Judy smiled at Molly. “You done good, Molly. You done good.” she said.

Molly felt special once more. She now realized this was truly a special job, indeed.

                                            THE END
I present you all the Season 1 finale of Thomas the Tank Engine Tales! It's coming to a close with another TheTVDB episode. I've already done four episodes already, now down to two more! For this one, I figured I give Molly some importance due to her absence in the actual show.

Here's the original description from

“Molly was chosen to collect some tulips and roses to the Flower show at Abbey station, so Molly collects them then on the way to the flower show, she saw some flowers in a field then decided to get them so her driver picked them but it belong to gardener. Then gardener had scolded at Molly for picking out her prized flower then Molly told the gardener about the flower show then the gardener was excited. Then they picked up her other flowers then the gardener won first place then gave Molly a flower.”

....and here's the link to the website where this episode was found, so you can see the original description there before it goes away (meaning you have to come here and look at it once real Season 19 episodes pour in):…

So, hope you enjoyed all the stories I made so far! I'm not going to be uploading any more for a while. I am still in the process of making new stories, but I need to get some real-life stuff out of the way.

No copyright infringement intended. This story was written purely to appreciate the show and is NOT meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment (c) Josh Walters
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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TheLogoCooler's avatar
I don't know if this became true but i want to see Molly in CGI!
Jonathan-Asiamah's avatar
This is a great story. Nice to see Molly and Judy.
Thanks. I seriously don't get why it took HiT this long to introduce a FEMALE crane.
Jonathan-Asiamah's avatar
I know, right? It's about time too.
Yeah, and it also took them a long time to feature not only the first Railway Series character in years, but also a female narrow gauge engine.
Jonathan-Asiamah's avatar
And there's a female minimum gauge engine named Sigrid of Arlesdale, but she was only mentioned on a RWS book called The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways. 
One thing that we need is another female diesel. I mean, the last one we had in the TV series was Mavis. I know about Pip and Emma, but they did not appear in the TV series.
Jonathan-Asiamah's avatar
It just doesn't seem fair on Pip and Emma.
Not only that, but we haven't seen a diesel from another country, like America. What is WRONG with this show? Is there something so BAD about diesels that you can't introduce new ones frequently anymore? Enough with the steamies already!
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I love Molly and Judy.
Thanks. I can't believe it took them THIS long to introduce a female crane.
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