Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 25 (Season 1)

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Chaos in Coal Dust

Written by holmesman

Professor Gizmo is a very interesting man. He is a “locomotologist”, a scientist that specializes in the science of railways and improves upon them with innovative ideas. Professor Gizmo designs and creates engines with added parts, like Diesel 10 and his claw, and Belle with her water cannons, even though some of the other engines and Sir Topham Hatt aren’t always fond of his love for the strange and unusual. However, one major flaw is that Professor Gizmo believes that none of this inventions could ever go wrong, even though mistakes are meant to help a person learn to make better (and crazier) creations.

One day at the Crosby Coaling Company, Logan was shunting tons of trucks into the coal mine. For a very small steam shunter, Logan was quite strong. He was expecting a huge amount of coal to come out of the mine. However, when he pulled the trucks out of the mine, he saw nothing but coal dust inside them. His boiler bubbled angrily. “Coal dust, AGAIN?!” he wheeshed. Then, Hector was being filled with coal, but the chute only poured out coal dust. “I’m sort of under the impression that this is gunpowder and not coal dust.” he muttered.

Logan and Hector were upset at what just happened to them. “This is crazy!” puffed Logan. We’ve been expecting lumps of coal for WEEKS, and all we get is coal dust.” “I know, right?” Hector agreed. “This dust is EVERYWHERE! Steam engines can’t run on coal dust, unless Professor Gizmo invents a special firebox that BURNS coal dust.” Just then, Professor Gizmo himself arrived. “Did someone say my name?” he said in his Italian accent. “It was Hector, professor.” Logan puffed. “We’re tired of seeing coal dust and not lumps of coal. It’s all over the place. Do you think you can do something about it?” The professor thought, then laughed. “CAN I do something about this mess?” he said. “I’m a ‘locomotologist’! Why WOULDN’T I do something about it?” Logan and Hector were excited.

Soon, Professor Gizmo arrived with his invention. It was covered up in a tarp. “Feast your eyes, on my latest creation!” he exclaimed as he removed the tarp. Logan and Hector were amazed as they gazed upon the machine. “Behold… the Solidifier 3000!” the professor said. “It turns powdery or liquid material into solid objects.” Professor Gizmo borrowed Jack the Front Loader from Miss Jenny, so he could demonstrate how the machine works, and to help out with the coal dust problem, too. “First, you scoop up some coal dust.” Professor Gizmo explained. “Then you put it in the machine. Next, it uses a special glue to roll up the dust into a ball, and then it comes out as a lump of coal!” Logan was very excited to try the Solidifier 3000 for himself. Hector wasn’t sure, though. “Um… can this thing turn ANYTHING into a lump?” Hector asked. The professor thought. “I hope not.” he answered.

All day, Jack stuck around carrying coal dust and putting it in the Solidifier 3000. Logan heaved and hauled trucks to and from the machine. As time went on, there was much less coal dust. Logan and Hector felt much better. “We’re almost done, buddy!” Hector said to Logan. “Just a few more piles left, Jack!” Logan whistled.

Meanwhile, Sidney was delivering gunpowder wagons to the docks, but forgot where to go. This was natural for a forgetful diesel such as himself. He instead ended up in the coaling depot with his wagons in tow. It was there he saw Logan for the first time, or so he thought. “Hello, there. You must be the new diesel The Fat Controller ordered.” oiled Sidney. Logan laughed a little. “I’m not a diesel, Sidney, and you know who I am.” he said. Sidney immediately forgot what he just said. “Hello, there. You must be the new diesel The Fat Controller ordered.” oiled Sidney…. again. Logan decided not to bother with Sidney. Just then, Jack rushed by with his bucket in the air. He accidentally punctured one of Sidney’s gunpowder wagons, resulting in gunpowder pouring out. He didn’t have time to realize what he did. “Well, I got to go to the…. um…. I’m sure I’m supposed to take these to the quarry.” Sidney said, and dieseled away.

That evening, after all of the coal dust piles were made into coal lumps, Logan chuffed into his shed. Hector was ready to fall asleep in his siding, next to the other trucks. Jack was about to fall asleep, too, but then he realized something. “Bouncing buckets!” he exclaimed. “There must be one more coal dust pile left!” He rushed to find what he thought was coal dust, and scooped it up and put it into the Solidifier 3000, where it would be made into lumps of coal. However, Jack didn’t realize that he didn’t scoop up coal dust at all. He actually scooped up the gunpowder that poured out of Sidney’s gunpowder wagons! Now, the gunpowder was in the form of lumps! Jack fell fast asleep, unaware of what was to come.

The next morning, Thomas arrived to take some coal to the coal bunkers on his branch line. “I’m here for my train, Logan.” he whistled. “Coming right up, Thomas!” Logan wheeshed. Just then, Jack rushed in. “I have good news, Logan!” he honked. “Last night I scooped up the last coal dust pile in the whole coaling plant. I put it in a very special truck. It’s blue.” Jack showed Logan the blue truck. Logan shunted the truck to Thomas’ train. The blue truck stuck out like a sore thumb, but Jack was proud.

Thomas puffed away with the train of coal trucks…. and the blue truck containing the “coal” Jack put in last night. “How was it, getting the very last coal pile into that truck?” Hector asked. “It was great! It wasn’t like any coal dust I’ve seen.” said Jack. “It smelled funny.” Hector smelled the air; the smell came from Jack’s bucket. “Are you sure that was coal?” Hector asked again. “I’m very sure!” Jack argued. “You sure? ‘Cause it smells like…. gunpowder.” Suddenly, Hector remembered that Sidney arrived at the coaling plant the other day with his gunpowder wagons. “Logan!” he cried out. “Jack accidentally put gunpowder lumps into one of Thomas’ trucks! He’s taking gunpowder to his branch line!” Logan was surprised. He was worried about the gunpowder lumps getting into an engine’s firebox. “I must stop Thomas!” he exclaimed as he left the coaling plant.

Thomas was on his way to his branch line, when he saw Emily. She had run out of coal. “Thomas, I need coal to be really useful.” she said. Thomas knew Emily needed his help. “You can use the coal from this blue truck I have.” Thomas and Emily DIDN’T know about the gunpowder lumps in the truck. “Great idea, Thomas!” Emily wheeshed. Then, as her driver put the gunpowder lumps in her tender, Logan was heard whistling tiredly. “Stop…. Don’t…. do it….” he panted. “....That’s….not...coal….gunpowder….in…...firebox…...not.....good…” Thomas and Emily were puzzled. “What are you talking about?” they asked.

Logan’s driver and fireman told the engines about what Jack’s mistake. “We must take these gunpowder wagons out of my tender right away!” Emily explained. At the coaling plant, Professor Gizmo was told to get rid of the Solidifier 3000 once and for all. “I knew this would happen. I was worried that Hector was right in thinking it could turn anything into lumps.” the professor said. “Well, your machine could have blown up an engine into pieces….” Logan explained. “Jack is sorry he made such a mistake. Miss Jenny had him get his bucket washed right away.” added Hector. Professor Gizmo didn’t realize he could have caused considerable accidents. He then had an idea. “I don’t think getting rid of my machine is a very good idea…” he said. “Maybe… I can make improvements and make it only work with coal dust, nothing else.”

Everyone thought Professor Gizmo’s idea was splendid, but before he could get started, his lab coat got stuck in the machine, and went inside! The coat finally came out of the machine in the form of white, lumpy balls. Professor Gizmo laughed a little.

“Anyone up for tennis? Or maybe football?” the professor asked.

                                                      THE END
I'm almost through doing 26 episodes, which is the number of episodes each season of Seasons 1-11 and Seasons 17-onward had. Who knows... maybe episode 26 will end Season 1 of Thomas the Tank Engine Tales and make way for Season 2! =D

Oh, and I name this episode after the German title for the Season 2 episode "Thomas, Percy and the Coal". Just a little BTW. =)

No copyright infringement is intended. This story was made purely for fun and is not meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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A locomotologist? Sounds very interesting. :)
I know. I came up with the term myself.