Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 2 (Season 2)

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Don’t Be Negative

Written by holmesman

Loosely based on the Regular Show episode “Think Positive” by Sean Szeles and Kat Morris, with elements of “Don” by Benton Connor, Kat Morris, and J. G. Quintel

Clarence is a new diesel engine that had just arrived on the Island of Sodor. He is an engine from the Chicago Great Western Railroad, a trait that annoyed Duck when he first came. Clarence had been on Sodor for a while now, and hoped that Duck would be a nice friend to make. However, even after all that time, he still wasn’t sure.

Clarence was at the Dieselworks talking to Den and Dart about it as they fixed him up. He had a crooked set of wheels and his rear bufferbeam had cracked. “I just don’t get it….” he explained. “All I did was give Duck’s slip coaches names of their own. I mean, I gave them REALLY nice names, but then Duck comes along and calls me a smelly diesel.” “Don’t worry, Clarence. We know all about it.” Den purred slowly. “What he means is,” explained Dart. “Oliver came by earlier and told us what happened. It just wasn’t right for Duck to yell at you like that.”

Clarence’s “Don’t Be Negative” outlook on life gave him a reasonable answer to why Duck was rude to him. “Well, maybe Duck just had a rough morning.” he said. “I’m sure he’ll be nicer to me once he feels better.” At last, Clarence was repaired and was ready to go. “Thanks for the help, guys. I gotta skedaddle.” he said as he honked his horn. Den and Dart smiled as Clarence left. “Any time, Clarence!” they said. “Don’t be negative, you hear?” Clarence shouted.

At “The Little Western” sheds, Oliver was still upset that Duck offended Clarence. “Now, Duck... I know Clarence didn’t work on the Mainland like we did,” he fumed. “but it doesn’t make it alright for you to say things like that to him.” “But it’s not MY fault he’s from Chicago, Oliver.” Duck argued. “Great Western engines like me always worked at Paddington.” “Who cares?” Oliver argued back. “Clarence has the words ‘Great Western’ painted on him! So, I think that DOES make him a Great Western engine!”

Duck knew that Oliver was right, but to an extent. “Well, yes….” he hesitated. “I guess, technically, he’s…” “SAY IT….” Oliver glared. Duck sighed long and loud. “Clarence is a Great Western engine….” he wheeshed. Toad tried to cheer up Duck. “Y’know, Mr. Duck….” he went on. “There are other Great Western railways out there besides yours and Mr. Clarence’s. There are Great Western railways in Canada, South America, Ireland, and… Oh! There’s even one all the way in Tasmania!” Duck felt a little sorry for being so proud of being Great Western, and knew Toad had a point. “Y’know what, Toad?” he puffed. “You’re right! I’m going to go apologize to Clarence right away!” “No need to worry.” Oliver interrupted. “I've already told him you were sorry, but you should really take his advice on not ‘being negative’. He always tells us that for a reason.”

Duck was at Knapford with his slip coaches. He was waiting to take passengers to “The Little Western”. The slip coaches were told what Oliver explained to Duck. “Don’t be negative, Duck.” said Jonathan. “You should really try it.” added Rebecca. “It works on Clarence, so it should work on you.” finished Steven. Just then, as his passengers got on board, Duck saw Clarence himself pass by with a goods train. “Don’t be negative…” Duck said to himself, trying to do what Clarence did.

As Duck went on his way, he accidentally ran through a mud puddle. It had rained last night, and the rails sank into pools of muddy water. Duck didn’t like it when he got dirty on the job, much like James, but he decided not to complain about it. “Don’t be negative…” he huffed to himself. As he did, he felt better. “Maybe Clarence was right after all.” he thought.

As he arrived at Arlesburg Junction, Duck saw Clarence talking to Mike and Rex. “Afternoon, you three.” Duck whistled. “Whatever are you doing?” “Telling jokes while we wait for the ballast to come in.” Rex whistled. Duck liked telling jokes on the Great Western railway, and thought he should give it a try. “Alright, I have a joke.” Duck began, as the engines paid close attention. “Why do ballast trucks want to push an engine off the rails?” “I dunno. Why?” Mike huffed. “Because,” Duck answered. “they HATE being filled with ballast! That’s why!”

The joke left Duck laughing loud and long, but the other engines were silent. “That’s… not very funny, Duck.” wheeshed Rex. “I mean, we get it, but…." "Why laugh about engines coming off the rails?” added Mike. Duck wasn’t sure. “I thought I still got it.” he huffed. “Don’t worry about it, Duck.” Clarence honked. “Let ME handle the joke-telling from here.” The engines paid attention as Clarence told his joke. “So, there is this guy who is busy watching TV….” he began. “....and then this surfboard comes crashing through the window, and breaks the TV. And then, the guy knows there is a surfboard lodged in the TV, and says ‘Looks like my TV wants to go channel surfing!’” Mike and Rex laughed harder than Duck did. “Now THAT’S a joke!” they chuckled. Duck was upset he couldn’t tell a funny joke, and even grew a little angry, but still remembered what Clarence says to the engines. “Don’t be negative….” he huffed. Duck felt better after that.

A little while later, Duck was sent to shunt trucks with Blue Jay and Clarence. The three engines decided to do it in the form of “Truck Football.” Blue Jay was very confident, and so was Duck. “I bet we can’t beat you at ‘Truck Football’, Clarence.” Duck grinned. “Yeah, dude. I was the champion on MY railway!” Blue Jay whistled. The yards were set for the big game. It was 2 against one. The manager blew his whistle, and the game began. “Go long!” shouted Duck as he pushed a truck towards Blue Jay. “I’m open!” Blue Jay huffed, but as he was about to grab hold of the truck, Clarence rushed in and pushed to the other goal. “Score 1 for me!” Clarence exclaimed. Duck and Blue Jay were surprised. “Best two out of three!” said Duck.

Throughout their game, Duck and Blue Jay tried to shunt trucks into their goal, but every time, Clarence would push them towards his goal. Duck watched as Clarence’s score grew higher than theirs. The trucks were all shunted into place, but Clarence won the game. “That was AMAZING!” chuffed Blue Jay. “I thought Duck and I were good at this, but now YOU’RE the champ!” Duck was very shocked that Clarence knew how to play “Truck Football” better than him and Blue Jay. To top it all off, “Truck Football” was a game Duck played for a long time, even longer than Blue Jay, so having someone beat him at his own level was really heavy on him. Duck grew angrier than last time, but tried really hard to make himself feel better. “Don’t…. be…. negative…” he fumed.

All day long, everything that Duck usually did, Clarence would do better. Duck tried to make the children clap and cheer for him when he blew his whistle. However, Clarence’s horn managed to attract and entire crowd of happy passengers! Duck even tried to get Dilly the Duck to play on his boiler, but Clarence made Dilly follow him around all day! Things like this went on and on until Duck felt like his boiler would burst. “DON’T….. BE….. NEGATIVE!!!” he huffed furiously.

Duck had a very rough day indeed, but the next day was even worse. He was shunting ballast trucks in the yards. The joke he told to Mike and Rex was very accurate; ballast trucks DID in fact hated being filled with ballast, and were being very reckless indeed. “Come on, you trucks!” Duck whistled. “It’s just ballast!” The trucks were too insane to care. Duck found himself struggling with the trucks more than usual. “Must be an extra load of ballast today.” he said to himself.

Just then, Clarence arrived. “Whoa there, Duckie boy!” he exclaimed, noticing Duck’s struggles. “Let ME take care of this!” Duck wasn’t sure. “I don’t know….” he huffed. “You don’t seem to know much about ballast trucks. You’ve got to have a LOT of experience.” Clarence laughed and honked his horn. “Don’t I ever?” he said. Clarence was coupled up to the ballast trucks. Duck watched to see how well Clarence would do. However, to his shock, Duck realized that Clarence had NO trouble with ballast trucks whatsoever! He knew EXACTLY how to handle the trucks, and he even did it ten times BETTER than Duck did! In fact, whenever the trucks derailed, Clarence would effortlessly pull them back on the rails!

Duck was more cross than he ever felt in his life. He immediately forgot all about being positive. Clearly, he had enough. “ALRIGHT! THAT’S IT!!! I’VE HAD IT!!!” he screamed. Clarence was VERY surprised. “Jeez, calm your boiler, will ya?” he jumped. “Don’t be negative!” “OH, SHUT UP!!! I CAN BE NEGATIVE WHENEVER I WANT!!!” Duck fumed. This made Clarence more confused than ever. “What’s the matter with you?” he asked. “Did I do something wrong?” “Yes….” Duck answered. “you DID do something wrong. You were BUILT!”

After hearing what Duck just said, Clarence felt like his feelings got run over by George the Steamroller. “Wow…. that’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard…. I…. I dunno….” he sighed. Duck saw that Clarence was upset. “Um…” he hesitated. “I’m sorry?” “Don’t even bother with that, anymore, Duck.” Clarence huffed. “I… I should have never come here…. This is the BIGGEST mistake of my life….” With that, Clarence slowly purred away. Duck was GLAD that Clarence left. He felt like Clarence was going to go back home to Chicago. “Serves HIM right for shoving his ‘don’t be negative’ nonsense down our funnels.” he huffed. Duck was left all alone in the yards a very happy engine, even though he went too far.

Will Duck and Clarence ever manage to forgive each other and be friends once and for all? Tune in next time to find out…..

                               To be concluded in “The Moonwalk Express”
The second episode of Season 2 kicks off where "Duck and the New Diesel" left off. It seems that Duck is still angry with Clarence. The third and final part of this story arc ought to set things right.

BTW, even though this episode is based off of Regular Show's "Think Positive" and "Don", there is a small reference to "Benson Be Gone." Now, if only the ACTUAL Benson were gone, am I right? =D

Anybody? ......Hello? Meh, whatever... Enjoy the story. =(

No copyright infringement intended. This story was written purely to appreciate both Thomas and Regular Show and is NOT meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment
Regular Show (c) Cartoon Network
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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