Thomas the Tank Engine Tales - Ep. 1 (Season 2)

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Duck and the New Diesel

Written by holmesman

Introducing Clarence the Chicago Great Western Diesel

“The Little Western” is a branch line run by Duck and Oliver. It runs near the coast, which makes the engines happy to have the fresh sea breeze surround themselves. However, not even that is enough to satisfy the tourists that travel to and from Arlesburgh. They are tired of having the sea breeze in their face, and want something new.

Duck and Oliver were made well aware of the complaints. “I don’t understand it, Oliver.” Duck sighed. “‘The Little Western’ has everything a tourist or holiday maker could ever ask for.” “I know, Duck, but you can’t argue with a complaint.” Oliver argued. Just then, Diesel arrived to deliver mail to the stationmaster at Haultraugh. He saw Duck and Oliver looking sad. “Well, well, well… what do I see, today?” he purred. “Two little steamies moping about instead of being really useful?” Duck and Oliver were cross. “We’re not in the mood for your tricks today, Diesel.” Duck said. “Whoa! What’s the attitude for? I’m not here to tease this time.” Diesel protested. “I’m here to tell you the news.” “News? What news?” Duck asked. “I’m not sure we should trust him.” Oliver whispered to Duck. “He’s called ‘Devious’ Diesel for a reason.” Diesel heard what Oliver said, and felt cross. “Your worthy Sir Topham Hatt can send me back as many times as he wants, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you that you’re getting another engine to help you out on your branch line!” he fumed.

Duck and Oliver finally understood what Diesel was trying to say. “Who’s going to help us?” they asked. “I dunno…” oiled Diesel. “Some Great Western engine or something… I was too busy making fun of Neville for his shape to really pay attention….” Duck was delighted, more delighted than ever before in his life. “ANOTHER Great Western engine?!!” he exclaimed. “Oliver, do you know what this means?” Oliver was confused. “Um…. that we’re getting help, perhaps?” he asked. “Not just that!” Duck smiled. “Having another Great Western engine helping us is exactly what these tourists need! Not just ANY other engine would be good enough for the job. Oh, boy… Another Great Westerner will spice up ‘The Little Western’ for sure!” And Duck excitedly puffed away.

Oliver and Diesel were now the only engines left. Oliver had a question to ask Diesel. “Y’know, Diesel… I’ve always wondered why you’re still here.” he wheeshed. “What do you mean?” Diesel asked. “Well, whenever you would misbehave,” Oliver began. “The Fat Controller always sent you away. You’ve been here for a very long time, and even started work at Percy’s Mail Depot. What gives? You always play tricks on us, yet you’re not sent back to the Mainland? Unbelievable!” Diesel tried to remember, and when he finally did, he laughed deviously. “Well, now, little Oliver….” he purred. “Let’s just say your worthy Sir Topham Hatt should learn how to read the fine print of a contract….” And then he left to collect more mail. Now, Oliver was all alone. “Oh, I get it now... but… why didn’t he tell us that before?” he pondered.

Duck arrived at Brendam Docks. He wanted to know if the new engine would be there. Then, he saw Cranky unloading something from a ship. It was green and Duck could vaguely see the words “Great Western” printed on the side. “That must be the new Great Western engine Diesel told us about.” he thought to himself. “They certainly don’t make those kinds of engines anymore.”

As Duck puffed closer to the new engine, he was surprised to find out that Cranky had unloaded a brand new diesel. The diesel was big and looked very strong. Duck noticed that the diesel also had a knuckle coupling on the front, just like Hiro. Nonetheless, Duck was immediately thrilled to see another Great Western engine. “Hello, there!” he exclaimed enthusiastically to the new diesel. “It’s an honor seeing a fellow Great Western engine like you! My name is Montague, but you can call me 'Duck', if you want to.”

The new diesel smiled at Duck. “Oh, I’m a Great Western engine, alright…. a Chicago Great Western Railroad engine!” he laughed. Duck’s enthusiasm grew weak. Hank had told him all about a city in the United States named Chicago, and the way people in Chicago speak. He suddenly recognized the engine’s accent. “Chicago? You’re…. You’re from…. CHICAGO?!” he fumed. “Yes…” the diesel said. “What’s the matter with that? Anyway… I gotta go to this ‘Little Western’ line or something.” Duck’s face turned red as the diesel honked his horn. “The name’s Clarence, by the way.” the diesel said. “Don’t be negative, alright?” Sadly, being negative was all Duck could do.

“I don’t believe it…” Duck sighed as he chuffed along the line. “A missed opportunity at meeting another Great Western engine… All that hype for nothing.” Thomas was pulling Annie and Clarabel on the tracks next to Duck, with a bright smile on his face. “What’s wrong, Duck?” he asked. “It’s the new diesel, Thomas.” Duck answered. “I just saw him at Brendam Docks.” Thomas knew what Duck meant. “You must be talking about Clarence. I’ve seen him on his way to ‘The Little Western.’” he whistled. “He seems very nice.” Duck sighed loud and long. “Does it even really matter, Thomas?” he said. “Clarence isn’t a Great Western engine.” “Of course he’s Great Western, Duck!” Thomas laughed. “Yes…. but he’s not MY type of Great Western. He’s from Chicago….” Duck argued, and left. Thomas was left very confused, and started to worry about Duck. “Don’t be negative, Thomas.” Annie said. “That’s what Clarence tells us.” Clarabel added.

Clarence was already making himself at home on “The Little Western”. He made good friends with Oliver, who didn’t care if he wasn’t from the Mainland. Just then, he saw Duck’s slip coaches parked in a siding. “What are those coaches doing there, Ollie?” he asked. “Those are Duck’s slip coaches, Clarence.” Oliver answered. Clarence had never seen slip coaches before. He was very intrigued, and wanted a closer look. “Excuse me, but I hear you’re Duck’s coaches?” he asked. The slip coaches looked at the new engine. “We are very special, indeed.” said the first slip coach. “We can be uncoupled even when Duck is on the run.” added the second slip coach. “That way, the passengers will get to where they need to be on time!” finished the third slip coach.

Clarence had never felt happy to see such splendid looking coaches before. “It’s an honor to hear about you three.” he smiled. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clarence. What are your’s?” The slip coaches sighed. “We don’t have any names….” the first slip coach. “Duck always calls us ‘slippies’, instead of ‘slip coaches’.” added the second slip coach. “Not a proper name, at all.” the third slip coach said. Clarence looked at the three slip coaches’ sad faces. “So, you don’t have no names, huh? I guess we’ll have to fix that, now don’t we?” he honked.

Duck was taking on water when Sir Topham Hatt came by in his car. “Duck,” he boomed. “you are to collect your slip coaches and take them to Ulfstead Castle to collect tourists and take them to ‘The Little Western.’ Toby and Flora can’t do it since they are having their fireboxes cleaned out.” Duck nodded and went to collect his slip coaches. However, when Duck got to ‘The Little Western’, he was greeted with a very interesting surprise. The slip coaches were smiling. “Hello, Duck!” the first slip coach exclaimed. “Clarence gave us something very special.” the second slip coach smiled. “See for yourself and tell us what you think!” finished the third slip coach.

Duck chuffed next to his slip coaches, and was shocked to see that Clarence had given all three of them proper names, and were painted on their side in gold letters. The first slip coach was named Jonathan, the second slip coach was named Rebecca, and the third slip coach was named Steven. Duck turned angrily to Clarence. “Clarence… what have you done to my slip coaches?!” he fumed. Clarence calmly tried to explain. “Well… I was just trying to help them out, OK?” he said. “He’s right, you know.” agreed Jonathan. “We’re tired of being called ‘slippies’.” Rebecca added. “Indeed.” finished Steven.

Duck’s boiler bubbled and his face turned red. “Get out of my sight, you smelly diesel!” he fumed. "You're no Great Western engine at all!" Clarence felt offended. “Alright.. if that’s what you want… I will go…” he sighed. “I was just only trying to help….” Duck scoffed as Clarence dieseled away. Oliver thought that Duck wasn’t like a proper Great Western engine for yelling at Clarence. “What on Earth was that for, Duck?” he asked. “There are TWO ways of doing things, and Clarence’s ways are not one of them.” Duck answered. “That doesn’t make it alright to say something like THAT to him, now does it?” Oliver argued. “You should go and apologize to Mr. Clarence immediately, Mr. Duck.” Toad added.

Duck wasn’t so sure if he should say sorry to Clarence, or leave him depressed. He knew Clarence was only trying to help, but he was so distracted by the fact that Clarence was Chicago Great Western, instead of the Great Western he was used to, that he didn’t know what to do anymore.

"Some Great Westerner I turned out to be..." Duck huffed to himself.

                                                   To be continued in “Don’t Be Negative”
Season 2 of Thomas the Tank Engine Tales premieres with a new friend: Clarence the Chicago Great Western Diesel. I've looked up pictures of locomotives from the Chicago Great Western Railroad, and the words really reminded me of Duck and Oliver, who are Great Western engines. Similar names aside, I'd figure that I ought to do something about it.

Oh, and as for what Diesel said during him and Oliver's conversation about why he's still on Sodor, it's a reference to the BGFBHOTAF episode "How Things Came to Be", made by BramGroatFilms (or, as he is known on deviantART, BramGroatonDA). I really think it serves an explanation for most of the actual TV series' problems. Even though it was actually made by him and not me, I still consider it to be part of my Thomas headcanon.

You can find the episode on YouTube, but here's the link anyway for quick and easy access:…

No copyright infringement intended, especially if it's from a fellow Thomas fan. This story was written purely to appreciate the show and is NOT meant to make a profit.

Thomas and Friends (c) HiT Entertainment
BGFBHOTAF (c) BramGroatFilms (aka BramGroatonDA)
© 2015 - 2021 holmesman
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AntonioAlexisHuerta's avatar
Nice. I love Chicago.
Yeah. And his catchphrase was taken from a parody movie called Ricky 1. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed it.
AntonioAlexisHuerta's avatar
Nice job giving the Slippies Names.
I named them after their voice actors: Jonathan Broadbent, Rebecca O' Mara, and Steven Kynman.
AntonioAlexisHuerta's avatar
Yeah, I noticed. Better than the names I considered: Hugh, Sue and Lou.
Huh... Sounds a lot like Donald Duck's nephews.
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