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Somari Reborn - Spike

Spiky cuffs.... Cleats.... GASP! Sweet mother of monkey girls! Somari and Lucy have been turned to the dark side!

....No... wait a minute.... it's just them in their Spike forms. Sorry people, my bad! =p

......Anyways, if you ever played Sonic Generations (I don't actually need to ask that question since EVERYONE loves it, apparently), you noticed the Classic version of Planet Wisp. Sonic Colors had Wisps, right? Well, what happened when Classic Sonic touched a Spike Wisp? He Spin-Dashed up walls and ceilings, of course! He was also able to destroy certain obstacles and to activate certain switches. If you played the game, you would know what I'm saying.

No explanation is needed for Spike Somari/Lucy. They do what Classic Sonic did. Curling yourself into a ball and sticking to walls/celings/other stuff never felt better as a chimp. What's more, they can crouch down on their new cleats and withstand strong winds. Their Spin Jump is surrounded by spikes which help them stick to ceilings and travel on them. They can also move in this state, penetrating every enemy and obstacle in their path (except for fire and other projectiles), and can also Spin Dash while upside down. =)

As for the other characters, Yoshi can throw spiky eggs that stick to walls, and Patch's parasol grows spikes out of its body, protecting the prince.

The orignal Somari (c) the company that made Somari
Sonic Generations/Spike Wisp/Planet Wisp/Classic Sonic (c) SEGA
The original Yoshi (c) Nintendo
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Somari Is Supposed To Be Male, Not Female

Somari (c) Some Chinese Bootleg Company
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Hope it's not gonna hurt you.... =(
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It's ok I can handle her power ups
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(Grab it and turn into spike tanner with spike shoes and sharp teeth
Yeeouch, you look..... sharp. =D
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Oh watch this (turn into a spike ball and crash into goombas and koopas)
Can you curl into a ball and stick to walls and ceilings?
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