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Sketch WIP

By Hollypop1993
So I haven't really drawn anything in the past few months for a few reasons, mostly personal that I won't get into. But I attempted a sketch now that I'm slowly reinstalling my art programs and recalibrating my tablet for my new rig. (Yay, Ryzen build!) Everything feels a bit off with my tablet's colour settings though, so I'm not really sure how this will turn out, as my other monitors have very different settings from each other - it drives me crazy. But this is a quick-ish sketch I worked on this evening so please let me know if the lines are super saturated or soft for you, and the feedback can help me figure out my settings a little bit better. 

I didn't really have anything planned for this sketch, it just... turned out this way. Also, I'm obsessing over Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns now it's been out for a week for us PAL players. Ford is a super cutie but I'm trying to hold off until the DLC is released... Ugh this is torture. I may even get back into writing fanfiction. Man, it's been years.


Ugee HK1560
Clip Studio Paint (I normally use Manga Studio 5 but it was playing up for me today)
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