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Ann Fan Art

So yesterday I started drawing Ann from Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town/DS (Cute).

I think she turned out quite nicely and for once I tried not to over-blend my shading. I think it still looks reasonably subtle but with some impact. I initially had a full-body sketch but I felt it looked best from the hips-up, instead.
I'm thinking of eventually drawing every single Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons bachelor and bachelorette someday, and maybe the villagers too. Not sure if that's something that would interest people. If you have suggestions regarding who to draw next, let me know! I'm curious which characters you enjoy seeing fanart of. :) 


Ugee HK1560 tablet.
Manga Studio 5.
Some official artwork from the games she's featured in as references.
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I love how you drew her eyes. That is looking really unique.