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Closet Castiel Cosplay by Hollyleafwolf Closet Castiel Cosplay :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 2 0
Eridan X Reader- Fairy Tail

Years ago when I was younger

I kinda liked a girl I knew

She was mine and we were sweethearts

That was then, but then it's true

Eridan was young, but he already claimed he knew what this "love" every lusus or older troll than him would talk about, and he claimed that he loved only one. But how wrong he will be. He was only 4 sweeps when he met the one he would eventually fall in love with, and then Feferi. He claimed to love Feferi and eventually became morials with her. The only problem was the other girl he met... Who was she?
That girl was (F/N)...
Two sweeps went by until Feferi and Sollux got together, and Eridan wasn't pleased about it. Due to the whole 'Hatred for Lowwbloods and Landdwwellers' thing. So he fought and Feferi broke their morialship.
For the first time in his life he felt heartbroken..
So he went to the closest person he considered as a morial after Feferi, (F/N)...
He went to
:iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 74 19
Main fantroll by Hollyleafwolf Main fantroll :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 2 0 Happy Early Birthday To Me by Hollyleafwolf Happy Early Birthday To Me :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 5 5 Mituna by Hollyleafwolf Mituna :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 2 2 Another Fantroll by Hollyleafwolf Another Fantroll :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 1 5 2end Fantroll by Hollyleafwolf 2end Fantroll :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 1 5 Sammy Winchester by Hollyleafwolf Sammy Winchester :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 0 0 How Do You Human by Hollyleafwolf How Do You Human :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 0 0 Ignis by Hollyleafwolf Ignis :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 1 0 Bahiti God Tier by Hollyleafwolf Bahiti God Tier :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 1 0 Fantroll God Tier by Hollyleafwolf Fantroll God Tier :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 3 8 All my characters Christmas thing by Hollyleafwolf All my characters Christmas thing :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 1 0 Felicia new character ref by Hollyleafwolf Felicia new character ref :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 2 0 insert dirty joke here by Hollyleafwolf insert dirty joke here :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 2 0 Fan art by Hollyleafwolf Fan art :iconhollyleafwolf:Hollyleafwolf 9 7


Eridan X Dead!Reader
She was his best friend.
She was his Moirail.
She was his Matesprit.
She was everything he ever wanted.
Everything he ever needed.
Her gentle, sweet voice echoed in his eardrums like a beautiful melody.
Her soft hands touched his face with such gentleness and sweetness that he swore he was melting.
Everything he ever wanted and dreamed of on only one person.
He was happy.
But those happy times were over in a blink of an eye.
Now she lied there.
A hole in her body, red spilling off it.
Her eyes were like those of a dead fish, but they were still beautiful as when they had life in them.
Her mouth slightly open, some blood dripping out.
Her lips were now dry, not soft like they used to be.
Wet clothes of blood and salty water.
A body holding hers, a violet cape covering her cold body, trying to warm her, but to no avail.
The body that was holding her was shivering.
Salty tears touched her cold skin.
Prayers heard, hoping that life would come back to
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 87 39
Homestuck: The Welcoming ((Dualscar))
You looked at the guy that was in your home. The Orphaner. The Dualscar. The man you feared/loved. He was looking at your furniture with interest. You were terrified he would hit you for speaking up, knowing about his treatment to low bloods. "E-excuse me? Dualsca-" He turned to you, his eyes hardened as he looked at the low blood who spoke to him. "Wwvho are you to talk to me, LOWWV BLOOD!?" He raised his hand to you, but then you snapped in front of his face, "I am your superiour here! So you learn to listen, or I'll let you out in the woods to die!!" He seemed to hesitate at that, and you sighed, "We're just trying to get you comfortable until we can find your companions, right? And it's late, so why don't we get you accustom to beds?" He looked at you like you were a stupid person. "Beds?" You mentally face palmed yourself, and you took his now put down hand and brought him to the bed room. He looked at it as if it was the most dangerous thing in the world. You pat the bed, "This i
:iconwildgirl509:wildgirl509 64 44
Demon!Dave x Demonhunter!Reader | PREVIEW
Dave's about 3 years older than you, so in the flashback, he's 6, you're four, and real time, you're 16 and he's 18
"No, [Name], it's Dave," your older friend tried to correct your childish 4-year old talk, as the 6-year old rolled his eyes.
Running his hand through his platinum blonde hair, the small boy shrugged and pat your head softly with his other hand. "Close enough." A small giggle elicited from you, as your hands clapped together, removing all excess sand in it. The sand box was quite messy, you had to admit, even as a child. 
"Do you banna buiwd a sanman?" You asked cutely, as a small blush spread across his face; his slightly bigger hands guiding your hands to build it in the sandbox in the park. As you looked up, you noticed he still had his shades on, as you pouted. "I wan my glasses too!" The larger boy blinked a little, before removing his hands from yours and pulling your Hello Kitty pink sunglasses over your eyes so
:iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 51 27
Eridan x Reader : There's a Storm Coming, Soon.
You looked out upon the glistening ocean, watching its waves reach the shore in repetitive movements. Each wave that you saw wash towards you had begun somewhere far off, and had managed to continue forward, persevering for hundreds of miles only to meet its end on the damp sand that was the beach. You wished that you had that sort of perseverance, you wished that you were able to move forward and never look back.
Your feet rested mere inches from the water's edge, not daring to step any closer; you knew better.
Your lusus had warned you countless times of the dangers that lie beneath the ocean's surface, of all the bloodthirsty sea-dwelling trolls who were always waiting for a land-dweller to approach. Of course, being the young and naive young troll you were those few sweeps back, still growing into your grub legs, you had decided to investigate.
You ran out into the water, splashing happily with a wide smile on your face. Surely something so surreal and beautiful could not be danger
:iconinu-neesan:Inu-Neesan 252 123
Mature content
Our Journey: chapter 5 part 2 :iconsnowefox:snowefox 62 37
Diablo-Harry crossover by LovelyHufflePuff Diablo-Harry crossover :iconlovelyhufflepuff:LovelyHufflePuff 42 28 Wow. Eremin. by K1NGRORY Wow. Eremin. :iconk1ngrory:K1NGRORY 47 16
Our Journey: chapter 3
Dolorosa woken up from her pod as she sat up the greenish light glob ran off her form. She sighed looking to see the sun was still out just barely at sunset. Soft popping from the other pod slime from her son and his friends breathing were heard. She chuckled lightly as she grabbed the towel off the side of the cave floor to dry the slime off her.
As she patted herself down she grabbed her neatly folded clothes and then grabbed the medical bag again to went to see there newest member. She need to clean the wounds before going to get food. She panic at first she didn’t seeing you then she saw the tiniest movement under the cloak she had to giggle as she lifted the cloak a little. You were curled up in a ball asleep. Dolorosa rubbed your back slightly pressing three pressure points which made you uncurl. She smiled happily loving feeling needed again and that she got all your wounds since she could see better know in the day light while she changed your bandages.
After that she pla
:iconsnowefox:snowefox 65 34
Half shark and half hurricane - Hemostuck Eridan by artfulImpersonator Half shark and half hurricane - Hemostuck Eridan :iconartfulimpersonator:artfulImpersonator 130 10
Crab sushi and Angelfish Cake.
Karkat x Reader x Eridan
I love writing Eridan and Kar~
"Wwell,for your information,I'm not evven touching you,Vvantas!"
Oh dear.
"Vvantas,I havve nevver touched you-"
The Nubby horned troll and the violet blooded seadweller turned your direction.
You smirked in satisfaction,and grabbed both of their hands.
"Wwhat are you fuckin' doin,[Name]?"
"I'm taking you two to a resturaunt!"
"You're fuckin' kiddin!"
"Shut your trap,Vvantas!"
The two glared at each other as you sighed,going into your favorite resturaunt.
Even as you walked,even as you sat down,they were both still aguring.
"Er,Excuse me?"
All of you turned to a blonde in uniform.
"My name is Penelope,But you can call me Poppy!What would you like
:iconchococrazeh:ChocoCrazeh 27 65
Mature content
(Cronus x reader) :iconcatkinzs:catkinzs 63 12
Mature content
Eridan x Troll!Reader (part 3) Lemon? :iconunf-f:Unf-f 29 31
Of Notebooks and Broken Friendships 2
Of Notebooks and Broken Friendships
Eridan x Reader Part 2

--Eridan’s POV--
Had.... Had I really done that to her....? Wait, why the hell did I care anyways, she was just a stupid girl, a filthy land dweller. She was just jealous she couldn’t be as cool and popular as me, that’s all! I composed myself, and remembered I still had that silly notebook of hers. She DID say I could keep it..... I wonder what’s in it to make it so important to her? The cover seemed fairly normal, little doodles of cats along the edges and ‘(name)’s Book Of Wonders’ written in bold lettering. I scoffed, shoving it into my bag and strutting off. I’d look at it later, I had to go find my friends for lunch.
I walked out of the school and into the yard, nose in the air, shoulders back like I owned the lunch area. Which, I did. Nobody dared rise against me, knowing full well what would happen if they did. This new life was so much better than the one I left
:iconsnowprincess-lily:Snowprincess-Lily 63 40
Of Notebooks and Broken Friendships
Of Notebooks and Broken Friendships
Eridan x Reader Part 1

“H-hey Er?”
“We’ll always be friends..... Right?
“of course! wwhatevver wwould make you think otherwwise?! you ARE my moirail after all.....”
--End Flashback--

I smiled slightly at the memory, chin rested on my palm as I stared into the bright blue sky. Those were the happy days... Until high school happened of course. The promised friendship slowly came to an end, as we drifted apart with the social groups of high school. He made it in with the popular kids, while I was left behind and became the shy, quiet little dreamer in the corner. I  constantly drew to fill the empty hole of no longer having my best friend to struggle through school with.
Ah, the lunch bell. Time to go and face the horrors of the hallways.....
I sighed, gathering my things and hurrying into the bustling hallway, keeping my head down and notebooks hugged t
:iconsnowprincess-lily:Snowprincess-Lily 100 16
Our Journey: chapter 2
Signless looked at his group went through the forest to get to the desert on the other side. He knew they had to get out of the village not to far from here. He knew there was a watering spot close by thanks to some of the locals. He was curious on why they were so busy. But one would tell him anything only that the blue bloods were on the hunt again. And they were concerned for him. Signless sighed heavy till he stopped hearing a sound. It sounded captivating.
“whath is that thound?” Psiioniic looked at him. Dolorosa hummed listening as did Disciple.
Disciple giggled; “Sounds like singing! Though it seems very sad sounding but beautiful...”
Dolorosa nodded; “Yes but I don’t know any language like that.”
Signless looked at his mother and friends. Before stepping to find the sound. It seemed to call him. As they tracked through the yellowish sand they found what was making the haunting sound.His eyes widen when they found the source of the sound
:iconsnowefox:snowefox 67 60
Our Journey: Chapter 1
(FYI you are only 5’0 tall. Troll adults on average are 5’8 to 6’0 tall. Some like Disciple are 5’4 tall or Dolorosa 6’5”. In case of mutation like Grandhighblood he is 10’0 to 11’6” tall.)
Important note: You do say bad words once or twice so be aware thank you.
Author note: Hey darlings this is my first chapter/preview of my new story. It's homestuck don't ask okay hopefully it's alright. For know its readerx? only because i don't know who your going to fall in love with. Anyways let me know what you think.
It was a somber night in the small town of Abigail. You were a young adult roughly about 19 years old. You were well known in the town and not for a good reason. You were known to be very hermit like and isolated. Even your part time job as an herbalist at the local pharmacist. You were very shut down towards others; you rare to never talked to anyone the only reason they kept you was because there was no one the refill your pl
:iconsnowefox:snowefox 105 80




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If your still watching me and want to continue, watch this account please


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