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hchan I am your biggest fan

Seriously though I really am your biggest fan. Part of this is a congrats (!!!), and part of it is just that a fanart for your awesome webcomic is like way overdue <3

I'm crazy about Vix, I hope I got her features right! I just want to draw her in so many adorable outfits, she's such a cutiepie <3

Vix is :iconhchan:'s from her webcomic --> :star: [link] :star:
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Oh! The details had me drooling, love the soft colours and the delicate frame. Wonderful!
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Omfggggggggggggg Hollyyhfdsgsdjk. SHE'S SO PRETTY :c AND ALL THE SWIRLIESSSSS you know that is like my fave thing about your arttt fdhsjfhsdj it's so cute ;___; tytytytyhdgdfj

Her outfit actually looks like something my friend Taylor would draw her in XD you guys are so fashionable fuuuuuu.

also THANKS @ (!!!) XDD i'llspillthebeansonthefridayupdate.
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:heart::heart::heart::heart: She's so much fun to draw, I'm so gonna draw her with my Billie one day.
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LOL Taylor has a chara named Billie too! [tho i named the chara for her..after billie holiday <3] YOU GUYS NEED TO BECOME ART BUDDIES orsomethigidk*tiredface*
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ohhhhh what's her dA account???
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:icontuxtuxtuxedo: <-- but she updates her tumblr way more often lol.
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Wow, this sketch is so gorgeous :faint: I love the pose and the sorrowful expression on her face. Even the red on her knees is a lovely detail. Wonderful work :nod:

:heart: *OfOneSoul
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