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The children say they can hear a voice, telling them "It's not for you" whenever they get too close to the sword. They've taken to calling it just "The Sword" because what else would they call it? It's not stuck there, it would easily be taken out of the fallen rock from the watchtower that was. They play, and play, and pretend it's haunted, and they take turns playing a game to see who can get closest to actually touching The Sword, though none of them ever actually do, they're all afraid even if they won't admit it to their friends. They aren't afraid to be near it though, and the calm and stillness of the woods by that sword and that tower, the one with no door that they know like the back of their hand. Remia likes to sit on the windowsill sometimes and pretend she's the princess, not like a trapped princess in the tower, just a princess who comes out to the woods sometimes when people are too much. Then, one day, they start to play their little game, and the voice again and again says "It's not for you." and they snatch their hand back and shake off the tingle they get. Quietly then, a young woman, clad in copper armor, hair a red-brown, and skin like a dark calla lily walks from the forest, a scabbard at her side, sitting empty. She smiles, at the children who even to this day swear her presence was a feeling, warm and loving, as kind as her eyes. She crosses to the sword, and gently slides it from it's waiting place and returns it to it's home at her side before returning to the woods beyond. - Magnoth
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Thank you! First try at doing something like that. I had fun learning so may try another in the future!