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Audrey Horne
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer:See or Seem ( )
Series: Twin Peaks

I heard that so many television series creators cited Twin Peaks as inspiration, and I had many friends that told me the series was amazing, however, it wasn't until my boyfriend sat me down and made me watch the series that I Understood.  It's a great show full of mystery, intrigue and well developed characters.  Audrey was my instant favorite: sexy, mischievous, strong and playful, however she sadly didn't get her happy ending which destroyed my heart.  What is it with me and my predilection for cosplaying the Broken Woman?

 From the top down: The wig was purchased off of eBay and was very well wefted!  The curls were a bit too tight, and I had to use my steamer to straighten it out, let the wig cool, and use curlers to put more accurate curls back in. Both the robe and nightgown were purchased, again, on eBay.  The robe didn't need any modification, but the nightgown needed t be taken in a bit.  I added on the scalloped lace to the bottom of the nightgown and handstitched on each of the red bows.  I found some playing cards, picked out all the Diamond ones, trimmed them to side, taped them together and taped them inside the bustline.  The gloves were bought from Icing by Claires, and are actually the same ones I use for my Bunnysuit Weiss cosplay.  The thigh highs, garters and heels were all from my closet (cosplayers have a little of everything there so that we can do these pieced together looks quickly) :p

Final thoughts: I'm honestly becoming less prudish about "Make Your Cosplay From Scratch" and can understand the appeal of the boudoir shoot.  This was a fun look to put together and an even more fun character to bring to life. ♥



Holly Gloha
United States
I like to say I'm too multi-faceted to be confined by any one definition. ;) I take great delight in being me. Trite, but true.

I do a lot of costuming, but am still in the "Learning" category. As I make each new costume I learn new tricks, discover new frustrations and enjoy new victories. I love the costuming community (well, except for the snarky people, but they're everywhere...take the bad with the good, I guess). I'm by no stretch of the imagination a Professional of Cosplay, just someone having fun. If you for some reason come to me with a question, I'll try my best to help out, but remember, I'm still Amateur. For now. ;)

I'm also a martial artist *didn't see THAT one coming, didja?* I actually find it cathartic, and it helped fill a void left when I was no longer able to continue with ballet. I plan on continuing to learn until I'm either Old and Busted, or Strapped Down With a Family. Whichever one comes first.

I hope you enjoy my page! I look forward to meeting fellow costumers, photographers or people who just like the pictures I post! :)

Current Residence: Houston, Tx
I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a journal update!  I decided I needed much more stress in my life, so I started taking a full time semester along with my full time job!  :)  If all plays out right, I'll have my Medical Coding certification by the end of this semester!  *fingers crossed*  My costuming is taking a hit, time wise.  I just can't crank them out like I used to, and I really want to!  :(  I'll still sew, it relaxes me, and I should have some new fabulous pictures of my Belly Dancer start to come in!  Xoxo for your love and patience!  Wish a nerd girl a successful semester! 


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