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A lot has been going on in the last year. I've been trying to figure out what direction I want to go with my art. I've been experimenting on different surfaces and I've been working on new techniques. I finally feel like I'm moving in the right direction with my work. I've been concentrating on the drawing and painting side of art and not the business. I'm still selling art on ebay and I've got a good bit of commission work this year.

I'm getting more into acrylics with colored pencil. I really love how they both look together. Anyhow not much of anything else has been going on.
I've made the decision to start doing more realistic fantasy work. I will still be doing my fun non-realistic art, but I want to get into doing realistic art as well. I'm looking for reference material now. I'm not sure what I want to draw, but I want to do a lot of detail and have a background in it. I've never done realistic fantasy art, only some large angel portraits when I was younger. I've done a lot of fine art, such as still life and some scenery pieces. I love to draw moss, trees, and rocks. So maybe I'll draw something with some of those elements. Can't wait to get started
I got my website moved. I still have the same URL. I'm happy with the decision. Also I made the decision to take a long break from selling art. I need to focus on getting better at drawing and spending time with my baby girl, Savannah.

Right now I'm working mostly on mermaids. I will be doing that for the next few projects. Then I hope to get into something else.

So basically most of this year if not the whole year, (art wise) I will just concentrate on drawing. I hope this will be a more productive year than last year.
A lot has happened since I last posted in this journal. I gave up on my ebay store. There was different reasons why, but the main reason is the economy and time. I also had to make a decision about my website. So I found a solution and moved it to a free website provider.
I'm back! and I'm very busy working in my new studio. I opened up a eBay store last week and I'm working hard everyday drawing. Eventually i hope to open store in other places as well.
I'm in the process of building my art studio. I won't be doing any art for awhile. I can't wait for the studio to be built, so I can go back to work.
I haven't wrote in this journal in a very long time. I'm still kinda into art. Taking somewhat of a break from it. I have a small project to do for a ACEO swap this month. You can say I'm waiting around until I have my own space to create art. I've wanted my very own studio forever. That's all I ever wanted. I actually don't care about being a huge success at selling art.

I love being a new mother again. My little boy will be 7, he makes straight A's in school (I never did, nor did my husband). My baby girl will be 10 months on the first. She keeps me busy.

I'm actually getting more into singing. I'm a song leader in my church. It's fun, I get to sing with my mom. I plan to make a place in my studio where I can practice songs and play my piano. I can't wait!
Well I made a decision of just posting sketches here. I love sketching and I would just like to have this site for just that.
I have been busy taking care of the baby and my new journal is now on my website. I haven't had a lot of time for art lately because of the baby. I'm trying to get organized to have more time. I also trying to get my studio built but it's hard to say when that will happen, since sells have been down. I'm would like to try to draw a more realistic piece, just to see how it turns out. I'm on here now looking at stock photos. Hopefully I can find something I like.
I decided because it's so hard to keep up with all these journals I have (which is on, myspace, the fairy society community, here, blogger, and livejournal), I am only going to have two for now, because I paid for livejournal. When my subscription runs out for livejournal I'm only going to use my blogger. The link to read and see latest art and other stuff going on in my ever busy sometimes crazy life it
I just wanted to let all of my friends know that I'm sorry for not replying to any post and not getting around to checking your new art and Journals. My sickness seems to be getting worse and it's hard for me to keep up with everything. So I won't be around DA until I start feeling better again.
Well the imposter has been banned. So glad of that.

Anyhow I've been trying to draw a new piece, but can't focus, because of my morning sickness. So I'll rest : )  

I can't figure out how to get my file compressed for my avatar. I've done it before, but I forgot. If someone knows how to, could you e-mail me and tell me how to with adobe program. Sorry for being a pain.
This is the first time for trying to set this all up. I open my account a long time ago, but forgot all about it, because of more important things. I've decided to go ahead and try to get this thing rolling, because someone has opened a fake account and they are posing as me and have stolen my art. I turned them into DA, and I'm waiting for a response.

Anyways I will be posting when I'm able, because I'm with child and I have morning sickness.