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Tseumpfeuh de Hesse-Hombourg

By HollyBell
My latest mock self-portrait painting, inspired by Roslin's portrait of Anastasia of Hesse-Hombourg :)


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Beautiful and shiny stuff over the rainbow => [link]

Thank you !

Art (c) Miss Holly 2013
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© 2013 - 2021 HollyBell
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misellapuella's avatar
yassss I love this painting, its so nice to see a "mock" of it, it's so cute lol 
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Is she an OC of yours? :)
HollyBell's avatar
Kind of, she's my avatar character :) Very loosely based on me in looks, but 100% in spirits !
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Cool. :) She's very pretty. :)
O-Luna-O's avatar
What a wonderfull image, seem so hard to do it, awesome!
the-evil-legacy's avatar
ShimmeringDewdrops's avatar
Oh it's you! I remember seeing your art on some foreign site, and I just adored what I saw - this piece in particular! Usually a dress with that many frills just seems a bit overdone, but on this lady it just looks so pretty. I love her hair, and everything here is just so intricately detailed and pleasing to the eye. Really a very beautiful artwork! Puppy Eyes Emoticon 
HollyBell's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Gossamer1357's avatar
The detail in this picture and in your picture of Fragonard's love letter is amazingly beautiful and flawless! You balance detail and simplicity perfectly so it's not overly busy. Beautiful work! :)
Moonyrox's avatar
Holy wow it's incredible! Flawless!
AllenWatson97's avatar
I really love Your Dresses. P.S.Is it wrong for a guy to like Dresses and fashion ?
LadyWinter's avatar
Stunning! I adore those intricate details and all the ruffles. :heart: Beautifully done!
ElectricPoodle's avatar
The detail on the dress...:wow: This is so...I'm speechless at the amount of beauty in this!! :love:
veronarmon's avatar
EdaHerz's avatar
OMG! That dress!!! :clap:
FanaticPanda's avatar
So adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you'r work, its sooo cute! I especially love how you make the eyes, What program do you use to make this kind of art?
HollyBell's avatar
I paint with Photoshop !
janajana21's avatar
Whaaat Wow, gorgeous Clap 
KororoArt's avatar
Woa ! J'aime vraiment beaucoup ce que tu fais Tseumpfeuh ! (notamment Jasmine, Belle et Blanche-neige version un peu "réaliste").
J'admire comme tu gères l'utilisation des textures et des lumières ! J'espère arriver à ton niveau un jour ;) *entrainnement intensif*.

Petite question, j'aime bien ton idée de reprendre un tableau existant. Est-ce que ça te gène si je fais de même ? (du moins que j'essaie ^^"). Il y a un tableau de Lavoisier et sa femme que j'aime particulièrement ! Il me donne envie de prendre mon crayon en main ^^

HollyBell's avatar
Non ça ne me gêne pas, mais ce serait sympa de me créditer pour l'idée éventuellement :) N'hésite pas à m'envoyer le lien quand tu auras fini, je suis très curieuse de savoir ce que tu vas faire !!
KororoArt's avatar
Il n'y a pas de soucis là-dessus ! Merci  ^^
Attends toi à le voir dans un assez long moment par contre XD Je suis une limace...
HollyBell's avatar
Faut dire que c'est toujours une aventure ce genre de dessin ^^
KororoArt's avatar
Oui j'imagine...Et puis je voudrais bien m'appliquer sur le décor, c'est un de mes gros points faibles ^^"
gee231205's avatar
Lovely work the details of the dress are wonderful.
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