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Petit Potter

I read Cursed Child, and while it was a good read and I'd recommend it to HP fans, I have to admit it made me miss the good old characters more than enjoy the new ones. 
I can't guarantee there won't be fanart of the new ones, though !

I am more active on tumblr, IG and twitter, so if you want to see every post please follow me there 
:) (Smile)

For the record, yes, I do take character commissions in this style as well ! Email me for quotes :) (Smile)

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Hey! Your style is veeeery cute

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MY BABIES!!! <3 <3 Too cute!

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Cursed Child was pretty terrible, but you're right, it made me miss the old characters too.
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too cute!
I have to admit I wasn't a fan of 'Cursed Child' , and I was so excited for it, maybe thats why I didn't like it, I hyped myself up too much lol
I'd still recommend it to HP fans but overall I wasn't a fan Sweating a little... 
Did lover the parts with the Trio tho :D 
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Great!  I've been enjoying the Instaart community (as @drewgrahamart).  I'll look you up!
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J'ADORE ! 😍😍😍
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This looks amazing! IT's so nice!
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Although I'm not a Harry Potter fan anymore, I adore this for bringing back the wonderful nostalgia of those times long ago. Amazingly done. Thanks so much for the  memories. :huggle: 
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I am in absolute love with the way you drew the HP crew!!!:la;
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Such a cute style this is!! :D
My sister is reading the book right now (the script thingy version) and I hope to read it soon too, though I dont have my hopes up xD
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