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Masquerade (2)

By HollyBell
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Another commission for Megan ; this scene takes place at the same time than the first Masquerade pic, but in a more secluded area of the room :)

Characters (c) Megan Lang
Art (c) Me

Please don't crop, edit or redistribute.

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© 2015 - 2021 HollyBell
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Who's Megan Lang?
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She looks like Belle from DISNEY's "Beauty and the Beast". 
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love your art *------*
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Absolutely love that sun dress, wow (and I hope the lady is safe in this situation).
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Very beautiful work! I love your style! Clap 
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WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gumball Wow Icon 
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Oh how beautiful! :love: I knew there was a reason I'm such a fan of yours. Her dress is amazing and I love the guy's jacket. Amazing, please keep them coming. :huggle:
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... Miss, is the young man bothering you?

(Gorgeous artwork! I am just a little intrigued and suspicious of the character dynamics you mean to show...?)
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Oui ça mériterait une petite explication ^^ En fait si j'ai bien retenu la backstory, le jeune monsieur a un pouvoir de guérison qu'il utilise sur elle pour soigner une migraine. Mademoiselle est réticente (à se faire soigner-tripoter (mais au fond pas tant que ça, ha).
Vala :D
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...OK, ça ira pour cette fois, 'pouvez circuler.
:D Merci, et bien joué du coup.
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Impressive! Just like your 1st Masquerade picture, I had to add this one to my collection! :+favlove:

The setting is still just as pretty. I've really taken a liking to the young gentleman's suit & mask! Especially since he looks a lot like me! :nod: The shining color of his cobalt blue tailcoat & those tall black boots are so stylish & still so masculine! Reminds me of what Antonio Banderas wore to the ball in "The Mask of Zorro". I would absolutely wear this with a matador cape & my black Spanish gaucho hat! :D

It's amazing how the young lady reminds me so much of Belle from "Beauty & the Beast" and my girlfriend! Apart from her skin being a shade lighter, she is practically the spitting image of the woman I love! :love:  Her gown is a perfect shade of gold that shines just like the sun! :sun:

I am also amazed about how this reminds me of the night I first met my girlfriend! :wow: The emotional uncertainty on her face & the way she steadies herself with the table makes me think that she has just danced with the young gentleman & she is almost overcome by the emotional & spiritual connection they have just made. The way he touches her face & holds her hand has a genuine feeling of thoughtfulness & care. His face has an expression of tenderness & affection that reminds me of how I live from the heart since the day I met my girlfriend.

This picture reminds me of so many wonderful things about being with my girlfriend. In this one small way, I can feel the world rising up to meet me once again. I cannot say enough things about this picture!!! I have such a smile on my face that I can't help but feel blessed about seeing this piece of art. It hasn't just struck a chord with me, it's an entire symphony of life & love! I would order a print of this in a heartbeat! :heart:

Thank You, Merci, & Gracias once again for your amazing talent! I am once again, very impressed! :thumbsup:
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You're very welcome. I know I was emoting quite a bit, but I was so inspired! It was straight from my heart.:) :heart:
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I keep coming back to look at this. Thank you again for the lovely commission. :)
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Dang Hb! I love how you all way put a lot life into in your pictures! I also love the amount of detail that goes into one of these ones, it just always blows me away! WOW!
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Right back at ya! Thanks you!!!!
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