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Rif's Costume

My brother's costume is complete! And he won 1st place in the Halloween party at his work :)

The renaissance clothing was custom tailored to fit with the mask (which as an extend of fur coming down the chest), as well as to fit the thickness of the "gloves" which come up to his shoulders.

It kinda reminds me of a character from a children's storybook or something :)

Note: I did NOT make this costume.
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holy shit, i love the fucking head on this one! are their fake eyes on this, or are you able to use your own?
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It's actually his own eyes that show through. You can't really see it unless you're really up close, though.
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wow thats brilliant. most of the use-your-own-eye heads ive seen leave the eyes too exposed and look creepy because of that. this one looks great. Props to whoever made it.
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woah thats really realistic looking O.o
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have u ever tried this suit on? get it on and make some photos and posit it :)
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Nope, I don't fit in it. That suit was made just for my brother, and since he's really skinny, I wouldn't be able to fit into it ;) Even the head is made specifically for his head measurements, which are different from mine ;)
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its a pity :( but ty for answer :)
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pls show us more photos of this amazing fursuit
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You can view more of my brother's costume here:


He has a new fox head now :)
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really nice... thanks a lot :)
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I wonder if they make good cat faces. :3
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I'm not sure...Although, I'm thinking on making a separate cat-in-a-bikini sometime :) It'll be a large cat variety, and I'll purposely not draw a tail, so the tail can be customized to the species of cat :)
Sounds neat. :3
(ish Teh Cat)
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Oh...Whoops! I got this comment mixed up with another drawing O.o Sorry about that! I got it mixed up with "Vixen in a Bikini"! XD


I didn't make this costume, I just posted it because my brother wanted to show people what his costume looks like ;)

The people who made the mask (and "gloves" and tail) make all kinds of stuff. They're called Primal Visions ( You can check to see if they make cats, but be ready to pay *a lot* of money for it ;)

Again, sorry for the confusion!
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sweeeeet! I love the furry fox stuff! it reminds me of those jemima goose stories or peter rabbit, where the animals wear clothes and walk around and stuff. anyways, please tell how you made this!
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Actually, my brother had the mask, paws and tail (which isn't seen in the photo) professionally made by Primal Visions ( I think is the link). As for the clothing, he had it specially made at a local taylor :)
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sweeet! I was looking for a wolf costume and this fox one is amazing! thanks for the link!
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Nice costume. <3 :+fav:
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It looks fantastic, really it does. That mask is amazing. I really need to see about getting a Castor thing made. Thanks for the addresses, Rif, once I save up a suitable amount of money I'm going to place an order. Also, the tailor that did your clothing is awesome. Those clothes look fantastic. Finally, the boots are still great, fake as they may be. :P
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It turned out so well!! That's one that reminds me of the main character from a game my sister used to play called "Inherit the Earth!"
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*nods* That's exactly where my brother got his persona from ;) He's got the game and loved playing it, so when we discovered the furry fandom, that's what became his persona ;)
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