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Rainbow Fantasy

By Holly6669666
Well this was originally going to be a rainbow flame as you can sort of see in the middle, but then I got to adding things such as lighting and swirls of light and then some fairies so it became more of a fantasy theme. Hope you like, comments are appreciated ;) :D

Brushes used:
Pixies [link]
Flame [link]
Light Beams [link]
Light Swirls [link]
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© 2008 - 2021 Holly6669666
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OMG! It's so bright, beautiful, and colorful! I love the glowing, light danceing figures amidst all the colors! 
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Awesome ! It's just... pretty !
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You.. you're awesome!!!!
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:mangapunksai:Wow i looove the colours so calming and relaxing for me lol. go figures when i'm a artist and graphic designer lol
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wow, thats really pretty! was that digitally done, or what?
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thanks :)

yea it was done digitally in photoshop
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oohhh, ok. yeah, it's really very pretty. :)
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hmm .. ignrnt pplz.. -sigh- :no:
well this is really amazing!! =D
wondefully done !!!!\\:dance:

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:D thank you so much
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yuer welcome! =D
hey, your up really early..
my uncle says its about 5 or 6 am there.. ??
hm are you?

Holly6669666's avatar
:D nah its not that early, its 10:49 here, i'm on the east coast so its later here than on the west coast :D
0urangeApple's avatar
ohh ^^; heheh,. lol okis
hmm.. I'm a bit confused with country timezones now lol ^^;
lol sorry =D

Holly6669666's avatar
lol yea its like a 4 hour difference across the united states :D
0urangeApple's avatar
hmm.. i see c:
so from the east to west.. its 4 hrs different ..?
Holly6669666's avatar
yup, its later on the east coast than the west coast, so the east coast is closer to your time, but still like 7 or 8 hours different :D
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15 downloads yet not 1 comment - How rude is that lol - Fine work young apprentice lol - Thanks 4 sharing :)
Holly6669666's avatar
:D wow i'm surprized, but its ok lol :) glad u like it
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