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Well, this have been a long time coming for me, but I am try my luck working on commissions from now on! I am new on this of course, though my work as a free lance artist gave me an idea as to how to handle this! None the less I want to start small, so for now I am just taking two types of commissions (*prices updated):

  • Half Body pin ups, full color,  40$ for a single character and 20$ for each extra character you want to add
  • Full Body Pin ups, full color,  50$ for a single character and 25$ for each extra character you want to add
I am willing to work with know characters from pop culture, Original Characters (as long as I get a detailed description), anthro characters, and my own characters from the Melvin Chronicles as well. With that said, I am not making adult content, nudes, gore or real life people. Besides this, I reserve the right to decline a job if I don't feel comfortable with the subject. 

Being new on this, I am just accepting 5 commissions at a time, and you can contact me at my mail You can also send me a private note, but I would rather the mail. Once I have receive the details of the job, I will work on some Sketches of the project to receive approval for the final product. Once the sketch is approved, I will have to ask for my payment in advance, through paypal, before finishing the job, but I can assure you, with the sketch done and approved, you can expect your commissions in the next 48hours.

That would be very much it, it may sound informal, but as I said, I already have professional experience working as a freelance artist, so I do know what I am doing... for the most part.

Once again, you can contact me at my mail! I am looking forward to work with you!

EDIT: After receiving some feedback, and evaluating the market, I made a slight adjustments to my prices, apologies for the inconveniences!
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Tempted to get something, hmm...