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Freelance ilustrator, kind of animator but nothing fancy, current artist and writer of the Melvin Chronicles!

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Too many to choice, I just love art!
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Right now? Probably Infinite Wars, Coco, How to Train your Dragon 2, Kun Fu Panada trilogy and so on...
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Voltron, Castlevania, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Duck Tales, and just counting the ones still going!
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J pop, general pop, Rock and Metal.
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Harry Potter saga, IT, Pet Sementery, and most Lovecraft tales.
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Rowing, Lovecraft and Stephen King on the top of my mind
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TLoZ Twilight Princess, Solatorobo Red the Hunter, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Xenoblade, God Of War 3, and most Mario games.
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I am stuck with PS3 and Wii U for now (Please Help me!)
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Wacon for my work, and a lot of parer for sketches!
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History and Folklore


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Yes and no. She is in this "play through" of the game. To some extend I want to make an actual Warmallet lore, while also keeping the characters storylines close to their original stories. I intent to explain this in more detail later, but in short, Hero Characters like the Scarlet Avenger (Red) the Blue Wizard (Melvin) are roles any player can play as, but they either have to restart their game from the start to do so or, thanks to certain plot devices, transform their current character into the Hero in question. So, in this one storyline where Red is the Scarlet Avenger, she didn't start as such... nor choice to make the character change either.

Warmallet: Queen of the Fay

The ironic part is that nobody say anything negative (quite the contrary in fact), but after CD ask me for the canon size of Red so he could draw her himself, we got a "funny" discussion where I said "I assume is a D", just for coredumperror to come and assure me that she was clearly an E, maybe an F. Then he gave me the approximate measures for each girls, which were getting closer to H and G, and that's when I realize something had to be done. So yeah, you all can thanks Robert (coredumperror ) for allowing the MC to have more modest measurements for the women cast!

Rudd Production - Melvin Chronicles

I am okay with this. I like this

Commission Nat and Rodge Kissing

It would be over by now. After a day or two of everyone in the School mocking our protagonist for being a "sissy" (BTW, the original, as most old Milda7 comics was translated with a very broken english, so bare with me), the Doctor seems to either ignore or misunderstand the fears of the main character, and just give her more drugs to make him/her even more feminine and submissive to other people. Worst yet, the bully founds about the doctor, and "trick" her into helping him become our hero's boyfriend, but actually just use the drugs to... no other way to put this, rape her while mocking her, and then leave her half naked in the backyard of the school while promising to do it again later, making her his new play thing. The history implies that the Bluepill have mess so much with her mind that she doesn't mind by the end, but still, the sex scene before that is still very rouge (more than usual Milda works, where the sex scenes usually come when is more "consensual" to some extend), and the Bully is a flat out monster in that version, but a more realistic one, instead of the "super villains" of other Milda stories. I think the biggest issue is that, between the "fantasy", this one story is realistic enough to be uncomfortable with it's dark, original ending.

Cosmetic Surgery: page 30

This is already a lot less evil than the original. You couldn't even use the word wholesome before to be honest. I don't see any evil twist coming, even the worst character in the original (the bully) has been retconed to be Far less evil now.

Cosmetic Surgery: page 30