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Toriel, from Undertale Tiny Pink Heart Pixel 
toriel and frisk sprite 

High Resolution version up on Patreon! o vo
Edit: Fixed up her ears real quick
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i am glad you like my mom

FoxenaXGoldie's avatar

I love this art peice! I like how you didn't exaggerate her chest like a LOT of other people.

SoulerClash's avatar
She is so pretty! :heart:

I love your drawings! :D
Tnynfox's avatar
I have fallen down into the imagined warm fragrances of butterscotch and cinnamon.
Funny I used to hate butterscotch as a kid because it was too cloying. Not sure now.
I love it! Great art work. Can I use it for a Yugioh Card edit. I promise there is no profit involved and that I will credit you.
i just want to give her a big hug
UnderComet's avatar
Cool art, but I thought I saw a drawing that looked way too similar to this, idk, but still adorable :3
MLP-Undertale-lover's avatar
That's some real good artwork!
Rosereding's avatar
1 in 10 children are born with autism... merry Christmas you sick freaks.
Goatmum is best mum ;v;
i love this<3 
RoaryTheFygar's avatar
The precious goatmom.... ;-;
TaizoFan's avatar
*walks into this art* O_o Toriel?
SweetDrawingPony's avatar
She so nice!!! XD
I like your art!
Dovah-lord73's avatar
Dovah-lord73's avatar
hi toriel im daniel i fell down here may i stay with you and frisk i promis i'l carry my own weight
SweetCupcake765's avatar
So. Freakin. CUTE OMG!!!!!!!
ManaHasu's avatar
I love this drawing! It captures her character very well and it's super cute! Especially love the fire magic :heart:  Excellent job! 
JupiterTheWolf's avatar
Holy crap, this is good!
PlayaRulesAll's avatar
She is so dayum cute, man... Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon 
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