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DnD Pony Series: Mage Twilight

First of my Pony D&D-inspired Medieval Fantasy series!

Poster Prints available on my Etsy! Also available in holographic~
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This always blows me away how nice this is.  So crisp and nicely shaped. And the way you made the staff out of the tree of harmony... o(〃^▽^〃)o
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Can't wait for the rest of the Mane Six!
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Grand wizard sorceress Twilight the princess of Friendship and Magic
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awesome, very nice!
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The context of her ascension into alicorn-hood should have been about something like this!
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Spike: "Well?"
Twi: "Sorry Spike, you needed a roll of seven or better, Your still trapped in the 'Well of Souls'
Spike: "Ahhhh come on!"
Discord: "I could rescue you, like always"
BigMack: "snort"
Spike: "I hate you all....ok"
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Wow, this is awesome! Good job!
*Wizard, surely?
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[Insert favorite spellcaster name/type] Twilight ;) I always intend my titles as a suggestion more than anything
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Oh man
This is so neatttt UwU
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Nice.  I currently run a 5e game set in Equestria.  Lots of fun!
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Sounds awesome! Always been a fan of D&D but just recently started my first real D&D game with buddies, and started listening to some podcasts. I'm hooked.
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Really nice!
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I can't wait to see what you do with Applejack <3
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BEautiful work
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Glad to see you're still posting. Lovely and cute piece, was this a natural 20 dice roll?
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I'd like to think so c:

You still have that commission as your icon, oh my goodness! And thank you-- I'm pretty behind on posting art over here and need to sort out the nicer things to upload... I'm working on a whole bunch of projects that are all time-gated, but I do post a lot of my doodles and things over on my Twitter!
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qt qt t qt tq qt
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