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Valentine 2012: Nurse Redheart

For Aramek (dunno if he has a DA)

I asked :iconx-yhvh: what the plushie should be, and he said "a deer" so I made a valentines deer. :shrug:
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*Gasp* Is that for me, nurse? :3 I want that plushie, so cute! Much more original than Valentines Day Bears, I like Love Day Deer Better. XD 
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Oooooow! Sweet *o*
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So cute! Redheart is my favorite background pony! :D
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Nurse Redheart is in my top favorites! I think it's the cutie mark that does it for me XD
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It looks more like a pink Water Chevrotain to me. Wich is technically realated to the dear so it counts.
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D'aawww... Very nice. :D Not enough Redheart love out there.
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Yeah I know, she's a pretty hilarious background character. :)
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Too cute, I don't even *explodes*
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Good old Redheart, our lovely nurse. :)
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aww zis is friggin cute! :iconiloveitplz:
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Aww, how cute. Even a nursepony needs a special somepony, too.
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This is what Nurse Redheart gives to sick ponies on Valentines Day.
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