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MSPaint Abracadabra Pony

By hollowzero
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G3 pony "Abracadbra" done in MSPaint with a mouse as per contest rules. It took a little over a week to finish (not non-stop of course..haha)
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Lol Starsong in the background :3
This is beautiful
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Wow!, you drew this with a mouse and MSpaint!? So amazing!
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first off: not bad
second off: she likes to dress like a witch for holloween
third off: Starsong is shy she would never dress like a witch
fourth off: they don't have that holiday where I'm from
So yeah
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It was a pony toy manufactured by Hasbro. Starsong with a witch hat. And it's Halloween.
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I know about Abra-ca-dabra but she's not dressed like that on her backcard on Which is a MLP  reasearch guide.
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The backcards are hardly accurate in the G3 era.

Winter Snow has 5 legs for instance
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Ok, but I've never seen that card though.

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Awesome! I've always loved Abracadabra :D
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starsongs like : WHAAAAAAAT?
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if i drew anything that took this much effort in MS paint, i'd go insane in the beginning of drawing it
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Your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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This is a great picture--and then I read it is done with a mouse on Paint, and it is an unbelievable picture. :XD: I can't believe all the gradient detail you worked in, and how smooth you got everything! The broom and her braids in particular, wow. Excellent work!
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Sorry I took so achingly long to reply, but I really appreciate it. :D

Yeah it was hell drawing with a mouse again after all these years. D: But I enjoyed the result.
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oh wow! with a mouse? Unbeleavable! I love the little kitty xD
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Yep, all with mouse. I used to draw with a mouse years ago, so I guess I never forgot how or what have you. Thank you. :)
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WOW I can't believe you did that all in paint! I would've gone mad! It looks amazing though!
& hey I gave my Abracadbra pigtails too! xD
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I thought the pigtails worked for the witch look :)

And yes it took a very long time but it was worth it
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The things some people can do with Paint.... this is AMAZING!!! XD :+fav:
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Brilliant!!! :D I can't draw with a mouse. It always looks weird. ^^;
But this one is amazing! And the expressions are great. Especially that of the cat.
I can't help but somehow it reminds me of "The Worst Witch" and "Kiki's Delivery Service". :D
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