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Just some sketch that I left open all day and night, fooling with. I didn't realize I made him Allo from Dinosaucers colors until I was half done. :lol:

Thank god for unknown oekaki boards

Materials: shipainter, wacom tablet, Chrono Trigger music
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Your ankylo looks great! I love the detailing on the skin and the colors are very harmonious.
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i love the dinosaur movie but they called him erl
and erl was special that doesnt really look like him
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...what the fuck?

This isn't from some damn movie, unless you know that and your sentence was structured poorly, but somehow I doubt it
charla316's avatar
your sentence say dinosaur and you cant spell either!!
what you never seen the dinosaur movie it cool...

some made a coic of it if you find it ignor it its not the samewith stupid humor
hollowzero's avatar
It says DINOSAUCERS you fucking retard.

Dinosaucers was a cartoon show. And no I've never seen Dinosaur because singing dinosaurs doesn't appeal to me
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screw you
leave me out of this

if you take a way the c it would look like a typo
hollowzero's avatar're the one that started it honestly, coming to my art to say it "doesn't look like it's supposed to" because you don't know how to spell

So "screw you" and leave ME out of it, go bother someone else
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all i saw was the "typo"on dinosaurs
and you said he looked like the character from the movie that where i got confused

i was thinking dinosaur the movie and the charater that fit in it was erl

see big mistake and i apalogise
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Sweet. Nice jorb
hollowzero's avatar
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Do Deinocheirus! :D

Next time, extend the tail for MASSIVE DAMAGE.
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Weeee Dinosaucers!!! My fav cartoon when I was a kid!!! XD I want it!! XD

You made a beautiful beautiful job, I'm really impressed with your habilities with oeaki!!! =D Great job!
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Cooool you liked Dinosaucers? I think Styraco was my favorite..but Allo was pretty cool too, so was the Dimetrodon... That show was so cool, too bad it was cancelled.

Thank you very much. :D
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Yeah... I looved the triceratops and the icthyosaurus... Here in Mexico I only remember that the icthiosaurus was named "Piquito" XD

I miss so much that show =(
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Wow, that looks really good. o_o

Awesome! :D
Rioni-Riishu's avatar
I love your line work on this! <3 The colors you mixed in- the random spots- look really great, too. You gave it a lot of depth and detail- wonderful job! And the clouds ARE pretty! Now I wanna find all those other oekaki boards your on. XP I'll stalk you! 'Cause... you know... we're "married" and all. XP

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Thank you very much, I did work kinda hard on it..I just wish I had given better depth to the neck/head area. I win some and lose some though. :o

Hahahha well I doubt you'll find me.. Let me check something.. Thankfully Google mainly picks up Bleach's Hollows, Sleepy Hollow, and other things like that. ;D

I usually upload what I do at other oekaki boards here though, well except for my friends where I doodle.
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great details :0
you make pretty clouds :D
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I'm a spaz when it comes to clouds, I've been working at them for a while now, none look right. :o But thank you. :)
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Now as a fan of dinosaurs I love the picture. As an artsy person , I love the colouring , the shading and the realism of the picture.
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Oooh, neat! I love the detail you put into this one. I wish I had the patience for that much detail... :XD: :+fav:
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I should have put MORE detail! But well, I didn't feel like it since Shipainter isn't Photoshop.. Don't have as much control. ;)

Thank you. :)
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Oh very nice! I like the colors and coloring! :D
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