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Mettaton in a Box

Art by HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)
Mettaton © - Toby Fox

Please do not use this without crediting me!

In fact, I would prefer it if you asked me permission to even use it first please.

"Draw me Mettaton" Ashe-Marbury demanded....and so I did
Just kidding!! That's not really how that went down! 

I've been meaning to bust out some fanart of Mettaton for quite some time since I absolutely love how energetic and fabulous he is. All those silly poses he strikes in the game! If you haven't had a chance to play Undertale, or at least watch some gameplay of it, then I highly urge you to do so. If you're telling yourself that you don't want to because it's 'too popular'...I can assure you that you're missing out on a wonderful thing! 

I also made a speed paint video of me drawing this piece as an extra goody for patrons this month. For those who aren't patrons, I will post the video at the end of July and link it on here.

Thank you everyone!

~June Rewards~
You can now view the speedpaint video here:…

Sans - Undertale Fanart by hollowheartlessIzsak

patreon White border with link by hollowheartlessIzsak 
Star Divider - Free by etNoir 
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Here's a video this piece is used in! :)
Made by ShadowoftheMoon138 :…
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© 2016 - 2021 hollowheartlessIzsak
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Gives a whole new spin on the Jack-in-the-Box I guess…
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if I got this in the mail, I would protecc it and if anyone trys to touch it.... I ATTACC THE DEMON FOR TOUCHING THIS ROBOTIC SENPAI!!!
hollowheartlessIzsak's avatar
Thank you so much ^.^ I'm happy you find it so~
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22cerjoh's avatar
Mommy, can I have one for my birthday?
hollowheartlessIzsak's avatar
Yes you may!
-hands a purple glittery box with a black bejeweled ribbon-
22cerjoh's avatar
Yaaaayyyyy!!!!!! *bounces around like a Temmie going to college*
octo-kitty's avatar
Can I also have that box * ^ *
hollowheartlessIzsak's avatar
-hands over a box with MTT in it- :) 
octo-kitty's avatar
Yessss *runs away with the box*
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Keshaton's avatar
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send this box to me pls :P
hollowheartlessIzsak's avatar
XD I know right?
-sends box to you-
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Dude looks like a lady
knoxx55's avatar
Wait fuck mettaton is a guy 
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