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Quincy Ichigo

By HollowCN
LineArt and color by me!
FanArt by :iconricardonamikaze:
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© 2013 - 2021 HollowCN
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Amazing Color 🔝
cjv21's avatar
Oh man! I love it! Quincy Ichigo!!!
Xeno-Designs's avatar
The design of the bow is awesome!
Dynamo1212's avatar
That would make a different story.
123698745321478965's avatar
when I first saw this I actually thought this was a page right out of the manga. you are REALLY good at this.Clap CURSE YOU! :happybounce: +fav Mangapunksai 
HitagiCrab's avatar
This needs to happen!
ExuroX's avatar
Is it ok for me to use this in a poster?
HollowCN's avatar
you can!
You can't use it for commercial purposes!
ExuroX's avatar
Thanks, here is the poster. Momma's Quincy
leana14's avatar
very good i love
ChamoisMinori's avatar
ahahaha mind blown :3
C-M-Soul's avatar
Magnificent coloring!
inginuyasha's avatar
Sadly, Kubo can´t come up with cool ideas like this.
Awesome colors!
IA-Nii's avatar
This is so sexy >w<!
Echo00Mist's avatar
This is brilliant. I love Ichigo's hoodie!
Eyes-of-Inferno's avatar
hmm is it true that ichigo's mom was a quincy? I am a little behind in the story X(
SailorStarCapricorn's avatar
That would probably be his new bankai. We all have seen that some Bankai's of the other Shinigami did not resemble a sword. For example, Soi Fon's was a freakin' cannon. Also, I have read some fics that when a Quincy dies and is sent to the Soul Society, they become Shinigami, their Shikai is a blade but their bankai is a bow. Just a theory.
Nice work. I got ot admit that every time ichigo gets a new power he looks cool so i can't wait to see what he will look like when he starts using his quincy powers. Let alone when he uses all the pwoers he gained at once.
ChibiSeimei's avatar
I always wondered what Quincy Ichigo looked like. Now I know! Good job, the shading is perferct in my opinion! :D
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