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Rock reinforcement hollow anchor bolt adopts different materials and processing methods to adapt to all kinds of projects. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, which can bond hollow anchor bolt with surrounding stratum and support project tightly.

Self drilling hollow anchor system has solved the problems of hole shrinkage and hole collapse caused by drilling in sandy gravel layer, which played a good anchoring effect, achieved a purpose of supporting sandy gravel layer in the slope. It can be extensively applied in other loose rocks and soils.

Based on dam construction environment needing grouting and anchoring , it can be used rock bolting to stabilize the foundation effectively, which can be applied to kinds of environment, can ensure continuously steady construction, can be high degree of mechanization, low noise and less dust, can reduce the labor intensity of workers, and can be conducive to their health and safety.

Construction process of self drilling hollow anchor bolt is: drill hole, connect grouting machine, grout, install plate and nut.After self drilling bolt drilling holes, self drilling bar needn't to be pulled out. Its special structure makes it combine functions of self drilling bolt and grouting pipe together: it is grouting pipe when grouting; and it is self drilling bolt when slurry is congealed.
Self drilling bolt is a hollow, thick-walled seamless steel pipe, with standard continuous thread on its surface. It consists of self drilling hollow anchor bar, plate, nut, coupling and drill bit, anchor bar can be cut and lengthened as requirements. With functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, it can be widely used in broken stratum, sandy gravel, high water-bearing strata, especially for slope supporting in narrow deep foundation pit, without casing, economical and high-efficiency.
The self drilling bolt system of Sinorock has become an established tool in the industry for mining.Through innovation we have developed the  simple and very effective anchor bolt system for supporting the mine in inaccessible places.Our expertise has stood us in well stead in a number of major long-term research projects.
Our company has an in-house designing and manufacturing infrastructural facility further supported by excellent modern technology and
equipments with dedicated and diligent workforce. All these put together aids us in carrying out our various processes right from designing the concept, manufacturing products, quality and specifications verification phases, until the final delivery of the promised anchoring type to the customers.…
Rock bolts are passive ties; typically classified as lightly loaded, short installations. The Sinorock® Hollow Bar System provides a practical rock bolt that is quick and easy to install through fractured or broken ground. The system is available with a range of harder drill bits for efficient drilling in stronger material.

Sinorock® Hollow Bar Anchors can easily be installed on the construction site under confined space conditions using simple and small dimensioned drilling equipment.

The Sinorock® Hollow Bar Anchor System offers the following advantages:

use of small dimensioned drilling equipment.
No predrilling need under limited space conditions.
Simultaneous drilling and grouting in a single operation.

Sinorock is a respondsible hollow anchor bolt manufacturer for infrastructural projects around worldwide.Sinorock has the substantial strength
for making hollow anchor bolts for making your space safer.We grab from the source to the end for striving to give you a perfect experience in the process of anchor bolt purchaing.