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This took so ... long....
The dress took 5 hours and the rest took around 6 hours
I used 2B, 6B and some dodge erasers from chinatown (those erasers weren't actually that bad O.o)

A bit (lol) of photoshop editing and voila ~
i am not normal pleased with my works, but this one im pretty pleased with it. But i bet in a week or so this pic will be under my bed somewhere.

edit 22/08/2012:
lol. Someone took this drawing and claimed it was theirs. A nice person came along and busted his bubble: [link]

Thank you Cha Cruz/tomomism (scandal heaven) for catching him haha !

I do not allow my artworks or any derivative works to be used without my permission.
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Whoa. O.O

HachiTATSU's avatar
Excellent pencil shading there~ =D
gmoorekwee's avatar
nice shading bro...i love it
x-Eloise-x's avatar
when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was a photo! truly amazing :D
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Cool! Saw this in Scandal-Heaven. I just can't help but check your D.A. account!
I'm a fan of MAMI too! DOUBLE THUMBS UP!
kumidaa's avatar
WOW! really awesome!!
bluecloth's avatar
whoo!this is really something...
Katara-izme's avatar
whoa. you done this with a pencil O_O
looks great keep it up
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NOOOO dont ever let this pic see the under of your bed!! D8

i love this so muchhh, gawrr your black and white skills...

needs more love!
Hollow-kenshin's avatar
thank you so much :)

one day ill be so pro ill blow you mind (and brains go all over the screen) jks

cherriuki's avatar
but your current skills...are enough to make me wanna steal your arts ;A;
Hollow-kenshin's avatar
:) aww i feel so happy now :)

im workin on a cg, getting a rest from black and white.
cherriuki's avatar

oooohhh~~~ do tell 8D
Awesome! I like it very much!
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sugoi~!MAMI~!<3 <3 <3
Hollow-kenshin's avatar
Please favourite if you like it :D
Check out my other mami picture if you have the spare time : )
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