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Madoka Kaname ~Magical Dress~ Cosplay Design Draft

By Hollitaima
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This whole anime is so cute, and when you take a close look at the girls outfits they are so goddamn intricate, damn I didn't realise how long breaking it down to basics would be. Anyway, here is the first of my Puella magi cosplay pattern draft series.

For further updates on myself and my work please visit:
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All my patterns are usable and available to download, if you wish to have a pattern produced specifically please visit my profile for commission information <3

Pattern sizing help:

Here’s a tutorial I made on making body contouring patterns
even for less fitted things it can be used to make a simple pattern to size up all my pattern drafts on


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I've never seen this anime, but have always been in love with the dress. Thank you for posting this! It's an awesome reference.
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how do i use this pattern?
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I really want to sew myself a dress like this.. I know how to sew the skirt.. but I am totally lost with how to do the top part :/
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Hi there, I recently made a tutorial on body contouring, it may help you make the top part so it's fitted ~ you can then apply the various shapes to it x

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thank you so much!
I'll try that
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about how much fabric will i need for the whole cosplay? Ive never shopped for fabric before so i dont know what i need. also, how much did this all cost?
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Hello there, I would estimate

5 to 6 metres of white fabric 
1/2 metre of yellow fabric
4 metres of pink
1/2 metre of cerise red

at the cheapest, If it was all out of poly cotton or equal weight fabric it would cost around £12/£20 for fabric alone x
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thank you so much
i realised it would be costly ehh but thats okay cause im using it for a group with my friends and thatll be worth it
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yeah, good cosplay unfortunately does, but you need the amount of fabric, particularly in the skirt to give it a good shape xxx
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about how much fabric should this take?
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can you make a kyoko sakura pattern please?i want make the cosplay but i'm completely clueless when it comes to making patterns. Bad Augury..Onion 
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I'm trying to download the full size pattern but I'm just getting redirected to this page and I don't know why :(
the-iron-sea's avatar
Nevermind, I got it.
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I am currently making a Madoka Kaname and this was the guide I used, it is helping so much! Thank you! :D
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what does the circles mean?
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I think your referring to the semi circles on certain sides? They represent cut-along-folds in the pattern, where the pattern piece is cut with that side along a folded edge of fabric~ to create a reflected side without a seam~

Here is a full file for it I produced [link]
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Oh~ Thank you so much!
Could you also explain how the poofy sleeves work? .w.
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This is gonna seem a tad random, but how exactly would one size these correctly?
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Hi there! I do offer a commission paid service for specifically sending correct standard measurements and sizing to people (see profile ID)

However, If you want to size them correctly yourself; you will have to make measurements of your body and translate them with seam allowances, or make translations in size using pre-existing clothes, or take each individual shape and scale up to a wearable size.

Unfortunately I have recently taken a job being paid to translate the sizing of pattern shapes, it would be contradicting myself to do so on my own patterns for free ^^;
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how much does that usually cost?
Dizzy-tan's avatar
Of course, I fully understand xD I'll get back to you about it later.
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You're the perfect human!
Thanks so much for making these! :)
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ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ why thanku <3
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