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Ichigo - Tokyo Mew Mew Cosplay Pattern Draft

By Hollitaima
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Tokyo Mew Mew was the anime that got me back into anime :'L
And from it I learnt that I am always biased towards the main character...so have a pattern for Ichigo's mew mew outfit

Most of my patterns are available for download, all are usable under copyright.

If you are interested in having a pattern draft produced for a cosplay costume I have not produced, please check my DA profile ID for current commission prices and further information

Pattern sizing help:

Here’s a tutorial I made on making body contouring patterns
even for less fitted things it can be used to make a simple pattern to size up all my pattern drafts on


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Ichigo is my next cosplay :)
80sprincess's avatar
Thank you so much for this now I can make my own Mew Ichigo cosplay!😊
2b9s's avatar
do you have one for the maid outfit...
taytaym2's avatar
Do you have a tutorial on how to put this together?
QueenOfLucifenia's avatar
This is great omg! What do the lines on the skirt mean? Do you pleat/gather/or...? Thank you!!!
lilcherrihcosplay's avatar
Oh my God this is soooo perfect ! Like really when I'm thinking of doing a Mew Ichigo cosplay !
By any chance, do you have the other Mew or even the maid outfit too ?
DaPiffadiddle's avatar
Thank you for the pattern! I want to try making an Ichigo cosplay within the next few months, this is an awesome start to the project. :) Keep up the great work! 
FletcherWolfe's avatar
do you know where I can find Kisshu's
Hollitaima's avatar
Considering this is my work.
Unless I make it, someone who does the cosplay releases their pattern publically or someone else effectively copies me, it doesn't exist.
KyandiTsueMewMew's avatar
I think your work is dangerous for me... If I could get away with it I would probably live in cosplay and Japanese street fashion and this definitely fuels the cosplay end of it.
sasamehiei's avatar
Could you possible do this for the rest of Tokyo Mew Mew?
Hollitaima's avatar
I only do patterns drafts on a commission basis now, please check my profile for prices
the-walking-corpse's avatar
:) you're so talented. Any advice on how to figure out what scale to do?
SlicedBerry-Pro's avatar
Princess-Amy's avatar
This is such a beautiful help for me in making an Ichigo cosplay, Thankyou for posting this up!
CookieTwT's avatar
i followed this and it worked!! ^^ thank you c:
nekoangel2's avatar
oh my goodness!!!!!!! I love this so much!!!!! 
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Now what would you do for the pendant, ears and tail and strawberry bell?
VasiliaDragomir's avatar
For the patterns do I use it to cut the fabric? I'm kinda confused on that
ahintofawesome's avatar
/how do you do mew mew lettuce?
rnko26's avatar
im a bit confused about the arm puffs, do i cut the dotted lines or fold them ???
rnko26's avatar
love the simplicity of the design mine was a pain to make lol
Miss-Darkness297's avatar
I want to make this but dont have the skills to :(
ilovekisshigo's avatar
You're so kind to share your pattern with us! Hug
How do you know what the measurements are?
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