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geek bedroom unfinished

i'm probably never going to finish this, so here it stands. my first time using textures and all that. i was going to redo the image on the television, and add posters etc.

photoshop (various versions over time)
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nice work ! =D
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excellent work!
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I want this bedroom 0.0
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Amazing *_____________*
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Hi! This is a great picture!!
I just featured it here: [link]
Let me know if that's a problem! I credited you below the image. It's an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing!!
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May I PLEASE use this as a background for a new Vlog I'm working on? -- I have a puppet dog that talks about Sci-Fi Movies, Video Games, Comics, etc on series of short series of videos... and I would love to include your pic as a green screen background! I would make sure to include the web link, plus any other web links you would like to include, in EACH episode. So I would give you the proper credit, if you would allow me please! :)
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There is so much in this picture that I want to comment one. The Star Trek uniforms in the closet, the ships hanging from the ceiling, ect....There's just so much awesome detailing! I absolutely love it!
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Thanks very much! Took absolutely forever to map out, haha! :)
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I love the various light sources like the lightsaber under the bed and the light coming from the television screen. There's so much detail and the textures look really nice, that makes this a very interesting piece to view as my eye is lead around the room. : )
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thanks very much for your kind words!
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Cool! A nerd's dream room!:iconnerdplz:
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That1s really funny.
Love it.:love:
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whoa, I want a death star lamp!!
lovely drawing <3
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Incredible! I NEED to do some art!! But my skills are doing what is the opposite of improving - degrading? As are my mental faclties, apparently arrgh! You however, have gone from being ueber-genius-like to super-ueber-extremely-supremely genius-like. Hope ur okay you talented bitch! xxx
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Great work. I love this drawing.

I agree with Nenial, love the details and the clichés.
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thanks very much :D
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Geez, this is great. I had to lol about all the details and the clichés.
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No prob. By the way, what's unfinished about it? Do you plan to add more geek stuff?
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