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elephant's child take two

which is the better elephant's child?
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Great action and colours!!! :) You sure are going to shine at uni.
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although I like the blured background effect of the first version, the elephan certainly stands out better against the darker green! .. is there no way of combining the two? ;) hehehe
- lovely work, very smooth, and funny! :D
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aww thanks! maybe that's an idea to blur the two. the pic is pretty old, though, so i'm not sure if i wanna go back to it now. maybe once i have a spare moment i'll give it a tweak. thanks for the suggestion!
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no worries! and I hear ya on the old works... I hate to go back & tweak stuff!
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this is a ridiculously eye-pleasing style-- both in drawing and color. i think it may benefit from some more contrast-- though it's completely possible that it's just my monitor. nice work.
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aww thank you! yeah, i'll have a play with contrast when i have a spare minute, cheers for the comment :D
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*saturation, not contrast.

....though i'm pretty sure at this point that it is my monitor.
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