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Sora in Smash

It’s a special keychain design I made to celebrate😍
you can preorder it now in my Etsy shop😊…
I love playing with sora, especially exploring that huge world map with him🥰
now there’s so many new games I have to know more of haha 
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I'm not trying to be mean but SORA DOES NOT TO DESERVE TO BE IN THE GAME! Yes, I like disney, but they made bad decisions! Disney just pushed Rayman and Ubisoft ot of the line and probably bribed Nintendo/HAL Labratory or even Sakurai himself. Rayman was requested since SSBB/SSBFWU/SSBFN3DS!

In E3 of 2019, Annabelle wait what was her name again? In 2019, again, Banjo and Kazooie just told ubisoft: Banjo: Sorry bro, I have to cut in line because I have a better story than you.

And in fall of 2020, STEVE was now in smash. (no wonder he's so op..) In spring of 2021, Kayzuka was released... And in late fall or early winter, Sora JUST CUT IN LINE AGAIN!! HE'S IN SSF2/SSF2PB, ISN'T THAT ENOUGH?! At least it was fun requesting him for smash... (2009-2021). Now back to playing the sadly fanmade SSF2/Project B.

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Yes, Sora does. You do know that Sora was the most requested fighter, right?

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Yes, but we have our own opinions. No offense.

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But give a good reason as to why Sora shouldn’t have got in.

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And also, Disney copied Final Fantasy.

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Wrong. Disney DID NOT copy final fantasy. Get your facts straight

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I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that KH's Sora made it in Ultimate! I fondly remember hearing Simple and Clean back in the 2000's era and when Sora showed up for Smash Bros., I was like, 'OMG! I KNOW where he's from!' It actually took me a while to figure out who he was when it suddenly clicked: this was the EXACT same Sora that I had seen in the FIRST KH commercial and when I found this out, I was MIND-BLOWN. Sora was the PERFECT way to end my favorite childhood game of all time. The most coolest part is that Sora was announced on October 5th, right after my birthday on October 4th!

This is the commercial that I remember seeing Sora from which jogged my memory: kindom hearts commercial - YouTube

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Like where this is going.

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Sora:I’m a hero too Pit:Wait What Sora:Yes I am a hero too Chrom:What kind of a hero are you? Sora:what kind? Link:Do you a Magic Sword Sora:Yep Robin(male):Magic Powers Sora:Yep Marth:Did you have to go on a heroes journey? Sora:Yep Sonic:Did you travel to different worlds Sora:Yep Captain Falcon:Did you train? Sora:Yep Shulk:Did you die Sora:Yep MegaMan:Do you have a rival who becomes your friend? Sora:Yep Pit and Dark Pit:Did you have to deal with Hades Sora:Yep Mario:And for the million dollar question did you have to rescue the girl From evil! Sora:Oh my God yes what up with that?! Smash character:He does belong in smash Shulk:I’m really feeling it!

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Mario > Mickey Mouse Pikachu > Donald Duck Inkling > Goofy

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They certainly surprised us. :D

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this looks amazing

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I like the Mario Party DS inspired pose Mario has!

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I love this!! Kirby is so cutee

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This shall now be my new wallpaper

stunning work as always, truly amazing work.

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Super double awesome!

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You're officially my hero! Great work!!!

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This is probably the closest we can get to Nomura version of Link, Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby.

Nice work as usual, Holley.

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