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Wooden Big Macintosh Cutie Marks by Hollena Deer Pony Auction CLOSED by Hollena Cat Eye Texture by Hollena  Green Anime Eye Texture by Hollena  Beautiful Angel from Above V2 by Hollena

Pet Sitting Logo by Hollena Frostbite is not Amused by Hollena Black Veil Brides Fallen Angel Poster by Hollena  Wait What....... by Hollena Lillian by HollenaGlaze (WoodenToaster) Stamp by HollenaNyan Cat Pixel Icon by HollenaSkelanimal Icon Free to Use by HollenaFluffle Puff Icon F2U by Hollena

From traditional drawing to artisan crafts to digital art deviant art has allowed me to grow as an artist and to try new things I might not have been comfortable trying before. Deviant art provides tutorials and all the help I need to improve. I have been on deviantart for six years! I have included my favorite works of art I've done overtime above. Not only has deviantart helped me improve, its given me time wasters such as having OC's in which I never thought I might have without all the possibilities of using them on deviantart. 
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Submitted on
August 9, 2014