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I'm pretty bored and figured to put my personality and relate it to my little pony characters. 

Luna Rainbow rocks by Original-Lunar Luna: A complete loner in social groups, tends to stick to self.

Fluttershy by Nataliadsw Fluttershy: 100% shy and quiet when around new people. Tends to talk very quietly and talk the least amount I can. LOVES animals, I plan to become a Vet Technician. I love animals of ALL kinds.

MLP - Chibi Apple Jack by haydee Applejack: Southern style accent. Also very very honest to the point of being unintentionally rude. 

Pinkie Pie by Peachspices Pinkie Pie: I have ADHD hard for me to sit still. Hard to keep mind on one thing at once. Gets excited easily, childish/playful, and very random.

Queen Chrysalis by MissMaeko Chrysalis: I tend to be a complete royal bitch at times but at the end of the day all I crave is LOVE (muhahaha) I also have a dark/morbid mind that I like to keep to myself.

Derpy by NabbieKitty Derpy: I can be pretty slow at learning :( often makes derp mistakes. Made fun of a lot growing up.
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: Monitor
  • Drinking: Mountain Lightning
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Submitted on
September 29, 2014