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skinny style
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I know my style is not everyone likes. in your view, my pony too skinny. but I can not do too realistic ponies, because then gets lost cartoon look. And if my pony would be skinny, then their bones should be visible. But my pony such physique. Why you can not imagine that they all are not sick anareksiya?it's a cartoon! So many different shapes and sizes.Well, yes, sometimes my pony too skinny, but I try not to repeat similar in the other arts. Mac turned feminine, agrees. maybe because I am his first time draw in that style.

decided to show you my style. I know you write an again about skinny physique.I have experience in drawing people(I graduated from art school with distinction) and this support has helped me to create this style such that it looks like lively and cartoony simultaneously. sorry for the very very bad EnglishХ_х
I authorize the use of my style
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Gurofan100500|Student Digital Artist
хотеть пошлостей с этой палочной понёй :3
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DeathHonesty's avatar
I do not think your horses are too thin.On the contrary I really love your drawing style.It seems to me that your style is unusual,not simple like everyone else,and special.
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SarahHeavenBird's avatar
SarahHeavenBird|Student General Artist
They're beautiful! :D
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Artisanyumi's avatar
Artisanyumi|Student General Artist
Do you gave a male version of this, where it shows a skinny style C: 
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han169315's avatar
 ur styles just too awesome hmm maybe i gonna practice on ur draw styles can i ? 
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unicornpony12's avatar
don't worry your style is awesome:heart: revamp 
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mojomcm's avatar
mojomcm|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this style!
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crazyfangeak's avatar
thanks this helped me out im trying out mlp anime thius body style really helped me out!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH
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RuthieTammy's avatar
RuthieTammy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so jealous of your style! It's beautiful!
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Sankam's avatar
Sankam|Professional Artist
I think your style is absolutely wonderful <3
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Unknown-Artist99's avatar
can I use your drawing to draw a base. I promise to give you credit    :iconbegplz:
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Unknown-Artist99's avatar
can i make a base with your art if i give you a credit?  :iconbegplz:
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HissingRaven's avatar
HissingRaven|Professional Interface Designer
Can I please use this?
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Levithion9538's avatar
Levithion9538|Hobbyist Writer

WOW!! Ya know what screw all the other people, it's your style and

I personally think this is the best style I have seen yet!!

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IronGalaxyCraft-Digi's avatar
i love your style could i draw my pony oc in your style but it would be on paper
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Mdragonflame's avatar
Mdragonflame|Student Digital Artist
I wish this was used for Equestria girls >.>
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Oomles's avatar
Oomles|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a huge fan of your style! It's very "you", and the style alone is makes you stand out among several pony artists <3
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afraidtoshipp's avatar
afraidtoshipp|Student General Artist
Screw what everyone else says, I love your style
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BlueFire19's avatar
I for one love your skinny style. ^^
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Noellestick's avatar
I like your style.  A lot C:
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sevenofeleven's avatar
I like the skinny and long legged style.

Pinup artists knew that guys liked subjects with long legs.
There is a famous pinup picture in which the photographer adjusted the
legs of the subject to make them longer. That picture became very famous.

Thanks for the guide.
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lonelynightrain's avatar
Beautiful work!  I love how you draw them!
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TatsuYamiki's avatar
TatsuYamiki|Hobbyist General Artist
This style is beautiful! Why would someone try to critcize it for being too "skinny" ?? It's obviously a cartoon style, they should look at some of the other styles floating around out there. I would LOVE to try emulating this style some time.. I will show you if it works! ^  ^
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The-Leeward-Voyage's avatar
The-Leeward-Voyage|Hobbyist General Artist
I love your style :) It's very you and that's good! Keep doing what YOU want and don't let people bully you c: If they don't like it then they can go elsewhere while the rest of us enjoy your beautiful artwork
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