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CaptainFuzHobbyist Digital Artist
Queen chrysalis icon : "Ah, delightful!"
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I imagine her with more spikes, holes, and shifting chitinous armor, really ups the scare factor when she reveals her true form.

Nice work!
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TheWatcherofWorldsStudent Digital Artist
I am here for a monstrous design
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ManicSapphireStudent General Artist
Wow! She makes me think of some bad ass dragon fly queen that rules the lake with an iron fist! Great job. And the colors are freaking awesome.. 
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HunterTheDonutHobbyist Traditional Artist
You put this in Google's image search... My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
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sinpuppyHobbyist Digital Artist
you... don't just "put" something in. it gets there whether you like it or not.
there's no way to opt out with people still being able to view either
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ShadowwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh beautifulllll.
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Hail to the Queen!  I always thought Chrysalis was pretty hot.
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This looks beautiful and creepy. I like it.
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The way primary colors clash in this image really shouldn't work, and yet it looks amazing!
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The lighting and depth of field in this piece is really something else - your distinctive brush style really makes this concept pop. The RGB contrast here is dynamically symmetric, it's awesome
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RexlareHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the Chitinous nature of her design. Proper insectoid.
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TexasUberAllesHobbyist General Artist
I can HEAR her making clicking and buzzing noises like she just climbed out of a Japanese television.
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer
now all we need is her pulling that near head rotation she did to starlight when she pulled herself from around the caccoons 
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0omerzHobbyist Digital Artist
I can imagine that... that freaked me out tbh. 
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
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RaikohIllustProfessional Digital Artist
Looking quite menacing, very fitting for her.
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johnathon-matthewsHobbyist General Artist
'...In all of her Xenomorp glory...' Seriously, she looks intimidating as is.
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