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dam. i never thought i could like a lizard in that way. but you made me change my opinion. i wonder how he tongue would feel when kissing :)

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SHE is super cute. What's her name?

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Do not fear viewer. It is just a lady with a different persona. Her pink phone with copyrighted characters plastered on top of one another that symbolize rebellion, striking when the iron is hot and being cute while doing it. Upon further inspection, we see some tattoos of the lizard female creature, that represent leaves/roots on her arms and butterflies on her neck/top of both of her shoulders. Not to mention that her tail is curved to form a heart shape in the background while posing that beautiful gothic outfit of hers. She smiles for reassurance that she looks absolutely stunning, before facing the world head on for the day, as she posts her imagery on a social media platform, as she awaits the many likes from strangers/other furry creatures, that will probably never get to see her in person. She may be beautiful, I can definitely feel the emotions of being tensed and an awe, as she moves/speaks to whoever approaches her with a silent but sharp tongue.

More analyzation coming soon. Too mentally drained at the moment.

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Lizard girl! Awesome work! 😁✌🏽
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This is so awesome!! from concept to color, I love it all!!

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...Юлия М-Моллиган?

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translation, he says he wants to go out with her :) xd

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Awesome illustration, I love the details!

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This is a strange place but this is cool
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i can imagine reptilian anthro is quite difficult to pull off

well done

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this is a fun image.

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AMAZING I REALLY LOVE IT!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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what kind of snake is she?

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She's a green ratsnake

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man i never seen an snake beautiful as that it makes me want to say

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Super adorable!

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does this lovely snek gal have a name?

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Beautiful Art^ ^)

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I love her!! Omg shes so cute!!
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She's still cute, I could probably roll with that.

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Cute snek girl owo i like it
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