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TOYCAM: Lo-Fi Photography by The Toycam Bookteam

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 1:50 AM
TOY CAM Lo-Fi Photography is the result of over a year of hard work by photographers for photographers. This book features over 100 photographs by 49 artists of various styles, nationalities, and cultures to highlight the versatility of these seemingly simple cameras. Several photographers are also interviewed to gain in-depth perspectives of their work. TOY CAM Lo-Fi photography is a celebration of the art of plastic cameras, and a dedication to those behind the toy camera movement.

After all, almost a year of waiting... This book finally appears, and of course I couldn't withstand my excitement as my 2 Holga 120GN photographs have been featured in this marvelous TOYCAM book, which are occupying two different genres, scapes and people.

If you are interested in buying this book, please visit the following link: Hardcover Version, Softcover Version
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Plastic Indonesia

Summer heat

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 8, 2010, 3:31 AM
In the last few weeks group activity declined due to summer. This wouldn't be much problem if there were enough group admins left to deal with the incoming submissions, but as it seems last week a lot of your submissions expired before they got voted on by enough admins. As a solution to that I re-submitted all of these deviations. I hope this time they will make it through the voting process :) Sorry for any inconvenience!

:thumb128571105: The Grief of Judah by kevissimo Lego Hand by JillAuville :thumb160689133: The Reasons of Nowhere by DocSonian h o m e by GildedAgeBoy San Francisco Bay I by DocSonian Secret machine by Viscosa :thumb164461796: Basketweaver at work by susarf A Hole in the Sky by andrewfphoto CM project_rud_6 by Rimka :thumb161379628: vegas ghosts 1 by maltedhens :thumb150163971: :thumb158192890: :thumb156034582: box type:two by jigga-jayb :thumb145624808: :thumb163388642: 7 commando by kosmobil :thumb152034180: Niguliste Church Tower,Tallinn by igorsev Kapana III by samuilvel suspend by kahoxworth :thumb163048134: The Sound of Cool by DocSonian :thumb118884375: :thumb162799784: :thumb161507259: splish by adoptabat :thumb141868023: :thumb161065936:
Loose Stitches At The Railroad by Veniamin Never Been There by Veniamin

Shooting Diary: My journey with slow photography

Journal Entry: Thu May 13, 2010, 10:52 AM
I've been away from DA for almost 9 months and during that time many things happened, good and less good. So let me tell you about the good things, or better, the best thing, which is my start with the wetplate collodion process, a process I fell in love with the first time I saw some plates at a demonstration some years ago.

As for the process, Frederick Scott Archer described 1851 an application of salted collodion on sheets of glass for the purpose of making glass plate negatives. He detailed a process where potassium iodide was combined with a solution of diluted Collodion (diluted with alcohol and ether), applied to a glass plate, which was then immersed in a silver nitrate bath resulting in a light-sensitive layer of silver iodide.

Well, that sounds pretty simple, which actually is. The important part in this process is the security. You need to get familiar with the chemical hazards associated with this process, as most of the used chemicals are flamable or explosive, as well as poisonous. You need to burn this in your brain. Improper use can cost your life!

I had the good luck and honor to catch the knowledge and "hand moves" from one of the most appreciated "Collodionist" in Europe, Quinn Jacobson. In August 2009 I was finally infected by the collodion process virus :)

In the next lines I will try to describe the "birth" of such an image, so you get a clue what happens behind the scenes.

First of all you will need a camera that is able to hold a substrate (glass plate, aluminum plate).
View cameras with modified film holder can be used as well as wetplate cameras that you can order from designated manufacturers. In order to stay timely with the process, 1850 and later, most collodion afficionados use camera designs and lenses from that period.

Below you can see my camera, an 8x10 Anthony Style Bellows camera, built by Ray Morgenweck of Starcamera Company, NJ. Is a cherry wood replica, built after original plans.
The lens is a french Derogy No.4, an original from 1869 (according to the serial number and VadeMecum).

Ok, so let's move to the next steps.

this is the glass plate that will cary the image scrupulous cleanliness is required. cleaning the substrates avoids that the collodion will peel off and your image is free of spots.

pouring the salted collodion. this is the layer where the image will be created.

silver nitrate bath. it makes the collodion layer light sensitive.

after 3 minutes in silver nitrate bath the plate is ready. wipe off the excessive silver nitrate from the rear side of the plate. it keeps your plate holder clean... and your hands too (black hands)

place the plate into the film holder and you're ready to shoot

after exposure, the plate is taken out and developed using a ferrous sulfate developer

at the end of developing, rinse with water

and then fix


The final image can be now varnished and is ready for framing. Clear glass negatives can be used for further process, such as albumen or salt prints after intensifying, or create contact prints on traditional silver gelatine paper.

If you wonder about "slow photography", here's the reason why. Unless you have an assistant that is cleaning, pouring, sensitizing and developing plates for you, you need to expose each plate right after the plate is in holder and still wet, hence the name "wetplate". All that takes its time, usually 15 mins per plate.

Another point for "slow photography" is the fact that the used collodion has an ISO value less than 1 (yes, ONE) and the most common exposure time is ~5 seconds depending of the light quality and the amount of UV light. 5 to 10 seconds are ok for portraits, most people can deal with it. For still lifes and landscapes it doesn't matter.

Thanks for your time, I hope you have enjoyed the reading.
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Traditions come alive
:thumb160730842: :thumb160994326: :thumb123137966:

New voting system: proposed contributors

Journal Entry: Wed May 12, 2010, 3:29 AM
So here it goes! A feature for our future contributors who will vote on your submissions. Bare in mind that we may add new contributors later, especially because some of the people we explicitly asked if they wanted to join as a contributor didn't answer yet!

A master in bizarre and strange
:thumb152686206: :thumb133876328: :thumb126269444:


The many faces of analogue.

Another versatile gallery with lots of Lomo

Instant pleasure
:thumb142519694: :thumb132442952: :thumb125579306:

A touch of the past

The founder of our affiliate lomography group.
burst. by chinty pola6. by chinty :thumb116297014:

Day in a life
:thumb161379628: :thumb158225774: :thumb154520921:

Life shown in pieces

An experimental atitude

Further more we have 3 people who were contributors right from the start! I don't know if they will actively take part in voting, but they will have the right to do so:

Analogue photographer of many faces
:thumb141751816: :thumb141638727: :thumb142066492:

Huge gallery of analog photography

Let me quote: "I can't remember when I shoot on NOT expired film!"
:thumb144431754: :thumb154326898: :thumb116942122:

New voting system needs contributors! WE WANT YOU!

Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 8:38 AM
Running a group is a huge responsibility, and sometimes it's very hard. If one allows too much, than people complain about the high amount of low quality entries in the group stream, but every member being declined gets upset to some extent. Every time we press the yes or no button we have to make a responsible decision, and in some cases we are pretty far from being sure that it was the right one. As the group is growing we realized that we don't have the time anymore to give reasons for everyone complaining about their own declined or others accepted deviations. So here comes the deal... let's share this responsibility!

About 5-10 minutes of work a day!
The system we would like to introduce in this group is already working at Stereoscopy. We would like to choose up to 10 privileged members (contributors) who will vote on each entry. Each voting will need 3 yes or 3 no for a decision. That way it should not take much time for people to make a decision... At Stereoscopy contributors work about 5-10 minutes a day to keep the group running, and since the system was introduced we rarely get complains about the decisions. When ever we do, than there is always someone who can give a reasonable explanation to the member whose deviation has been rejected.

But how do we select the contributors?
But how do we select the contributors? Well... first of all we would like to know who is willing to help us! So please let us know if you are interested! We will look at the galleries of those who apply, because we want people who are critical about themselves, and only upload quality lomography in their galleries. You may want to create a collection of your best lomographies to impress us, but that's not necessary... (BUT it does increase your chances...)

We will than publish the list of contributors we would prefer, and there will be a poll if members agree with the list. If you do, than it's done... if you don't... well... we will find that out if it's necessary. :D Probably we will have some kind of voting for each nominee


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What about using Holga lenses & Old-school filters on DSLRS? As i've managed to Jury-rig a Sunagor Super-Wide 0.42x 55m adaptor onto a Holga HL-PGL meniscus lens (minus the vignetting filter built into the back of the lens, I prised it out). The effects are very similar, but would those pictures qualify? Or are you strictly film only?
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I was talking about this with my friend and I started saying: "i wanna say that there tend to be signs of it being photoshopped most of the time, and there are signs of digital modification at times, that tend to show in the resolution, but i'm not 100% sure. It'd be easier to describe if one has more experience in spotting photoshopped images..."

However he added a few important things that i overlooked:
"Have you ever noticed photoshopped images often lack two important traits of Holga photos?
And lens imperfection
Two overlooked but very important aspects of Holga images"

Said friend is follow plastic cam fanatic ~ShadowOfWar
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