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The Day Queen by HoldingBackTears The Day Queen :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 6 3
Mon Amour
I'll tell you why I want you, my greatest love, my shining star.
A black hole took its home inside my rib cage,
swallowing my heart and my happiness. I walked, but my jellyfish legs couldn't carry the weight of my shame.
The nightingales did not sing their sweet melodies to me like they used to. Their feathers had gone ashen, and thistles poured from their throats every twilight. The ebony orbs in their skulls watched me bleed until the nightmares consumed my consciousness.
I was all but dead, had all but disappeared entirely.
Then, there you were.
You were a supernova in my skies. Your silken tides ebbed and flowed around me, caressing my broken shores and lulling me into the blue depths of your endless ocean. You stitched together the canyons that I'd spent years carving into the landscape of my being.
My heart woke from its long slumber. It stretched and pirouetted inside my chest cavity, and for once, I did not curse its beating. Fire and ice coursed through my veins. I was alive,
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 2
They took out your stitches too soon, for I saw you
onto the floor at your own masquerade.
Pedestals are for prodigies, and you
were one with the sewer rats; Your sparse whiskers and soiled fur
turning the stomachs of even those you held most dear.  Your gallbladder dreams are crumbling before your blinded eyes.
Tell me how you live with yourself. You open your rib cage and let the filthy world
lick your arteries without a second thought. It
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 1 2
Ohai tharr by HoldingBackTears Ohai tharr :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 12
Why do we do this? It only makes us hurt.
We throw venom like it's cotton candy,
sitting heavy and metallic on our tongues.
Let us skip past the monsoon, my love;
go straight to the lazy rivers and gentle breezes
that kiss our skies afterward.
I'm growing weary of these battles.
I want to be the fire in your eyes,
the supernova that lights up your universe.
I want you to know that you have one sure thing
in the world when you look at me.
I'll show you that my heart beats for only you.
It seems as if my words fall upon deaf ears.
Oh, let me show you. Let's melt together and become
as one. When your blood makes its way to my arteries,
then maybe you'll understand that you're my everything.
Can we, darling? Can we just be?
We'll stare into each others souls until the world stops
and our heartbeats sync. Until our breathing is matched
and we share a nervous system.
Let's focus on forever until forever actually gets here.
Our days that will consist of petty disagreements
and food fights in
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 1 2
Believe me
     How do you do this to me?
Make me vulnerable to the point
of feeling. You tore down my wall
without even trying, and you melted
the ice in my heart with one
kiss. I'm safe with you.
I was so close to crumbling,
but your touch changed everything.
You save my life every day.
     I felt it before I knew it.
     I knew it before I accepted it.
     It was when I accepted it
   that I cried.
     You were right -- I am afraid.
I'm afraid of what will happen,
or worse yet, what won't.
     I can see the doubt
reflected in your emerald eyes,
and I'm sure you can taste the fear
on my lips.
     You don't know how it pains me
to know what you had to go through
to make you this skeptical.
How they used you,
lied to you,
just tossed you away like you were nothing.
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 5
Rocket to the Moon by HoldingBackTears Rocket to the Moon :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 0 Ivy by HoldingBackTears Ivy :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 0 Take two by HoldingBackTears Take two :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 1 8 Oh hai guys by HoldingBackTears Oh hai guys :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 0
Love Splattered DNA
With everything you say and do,
I just can't keep my eyes off you and I
get stupid with a loss for words.
I've never felt a love like this --
being close to you is total bliss and you
make me laugh so much it hurts.
I don't care what they say;
I'll make you mine someday.
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 5
I'm crumbling; osteoporosis
washed up on a shore. Broken love songs
pouring from my eyes
like a severed artery.
My voice is but a memory
taken away with the summer winds. The organ
in my chest had long since stopped feeling,
and brain waves have
stopped trying to keep him out.
It's of no use - he'll always haunt me
like the ghost of a love never shared.
I'm just relieved to know
that I suffer alone.
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 14
The scale may just as well be an electric chair.
Every time I step on; it's a death sentance.
Those serpentine tape measures
are no better. You see them
wrapped around beautiful girls,
kissing their hourglass figures and perfect hipbones
like they were lovers. That's not reality.
They aren't as nice as they seem.
They hiss and bite and only inflict more pain.
No, they are not my friends. My friends
are metal and dangerous. They understand me.
They understand my sadness,
my hopelessness,
my hurt. They love me because
he doesn't want to - because he never will.
They help to fill the gap
left by him.
Why him? Why me? I never learn my lesson.
Rip the eyes from out my skull
and the heart from out my chest, that way
I may never love again. Let me wash away
with the next rain so that I won't be
a burden anymore. Shut down my head,
shut down my heart, because those are where
he resides. That's the closest
I'll ever get to him. I've had as much pain as
I can possibly take.
Make it go away.
:iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 0 11
NO MOAR PIKSHARS by HoldingBackTears NO MOAR PIKSHARS :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 1 0 Fish eye by HoldingBackTears Fish eye :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 1 0 Squirrel??? :D by HoldingBackTears Squirrel??? :D :iconholdingbacktears:HoldingBackTears 3 2

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  I can't believe D and I have been together a whole year already. Time flies when you're in love, huh? We spent the day going to Sea World and Downtown Disney (DTD). We ate at this restaurant in DTD called T-REX. It. Was. So. COOL. There were animatronic dinosaurs everywhere, and like every 20 minutes they would have a "meteor shower". Ugh ugh ugh if any of you guys are ever in Orlando FL, you HAVE to go eat there. Have to. 

I really hope all is well with you guys!
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