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Veteran Crusader

Black Templars chapter veteran crusader spacemarine from Warhammer 40K

Card published March 2017

Fantasy Flight Games, Games Workshop
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did someone say died for the emperor
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Crusaders gonna crusade.
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A member of the Sword Brethren? Lovely
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You have been blessed by the Emperor himself, this is fantastic!
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Awesome and badass. Clap Headbang! 
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Card art for Conquest or something else? Thought Fantasy Flight Games and GW ended their contract.
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card art. iirc, yes they did, and this was the last wh40k release from ffg
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Any chance you can share the art you did for the 'Reclusiam Templars' card? It's a personal fav :p
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alternate title: Badasses strolling on snow.
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For the God Emperor
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May his holiness bless thy crusader!
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And the Templars march on.
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