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Immortal legion

Warhammer 40k Necron's Immortals 

Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games
Card set published 2015…
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And they’re coming out from the lake! so be carful, they didn’t had any hot bubble tub for decay, so we shouldn’t piss them off further.

nice work man!

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me encanta este dibujo siendo una "idea simple" representa a la perfección a los necrones, maquinas implacables imposibles de parar.

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The Necron is so badass
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I love the details such as the seaweed and the water dripping of their frames.
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"Master Yoda, The Droids started their Generators"
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huh, they'd totally rock an underwater empire if they wanted to, nice concept and art-style!
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Wow this picture us just breathtaking. The idea of them rises out of a lake is super cool and original and I just don't know where to begin with the amount of detail. Well done with this fantastic bit of work.
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    Море вздуется бурливо,

    Закипит, подымет вой,

    Хлынет на берег пустой,

    Разольется в шумном беге,

    И очутятся на бреге,

    В чешуе как жар горя,

    Тридцать три богатыря

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Все некроны удалые,

Великаны неживые,

Все равны, их миллион,

С ними дядька Лорд-некрон.
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NECRONS.... technological mishap that fucks the universe... till i dont know... forever! xD
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Isn’t that the Tyranids technically!
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nope, tyranids are no tech mishaps, but more of zergs mutated to the fearsome abomination possible so big you might see them as skyscraper so strong that yes they just ate that tank. Not sure if they can eat a Baneblade though. :D
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Depends on the nid. A bio titan could probably consume a baneblade.
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they came from the deep!!
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Man if I was an imperial guardsman I think id be most nervous to go up against the necrons especially the Flesh wearers.
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I've never really played warhammer 40k but I allways tought these guys were the coolest!
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Yeah, they look like terminators)))
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Thank you very much
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