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Evil Dead

Yup! Ash kicks demon ass fast, hee hee^^
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Great Job on the illustration!
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I really love this artwork <3
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"Careful!", the cameraman shouted... :D
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Hello I am working on an article called "Horror Movie Art to Blow Your Mind" for and I would love to feature this in the article. Of course full credit will be given and a notice to you once the article is up so you can go check it out. Let me know if I have the permission to feature your art. 
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Incredible drawing, very bloody indeed!

My Evil Dead Drawing:…
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Nice angle! Love what you did with the splatter. :D
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looks a bit like something from dead rising 3, awesome pic
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He needs his BOOM stick! X)
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Damm ash is like sonic lol
Is this something I can purchase?
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I am  planning on publishing a  Fan book. It will collect hundreds of art work about horror games\ movies\ Anime. Do you wanna join us? The Fan book's title is <Quarantine>, the THEMES are【Whatever movie ver or the game ver】: 《Resident Evil》《The Walking Dead》 《Silent Hill》 《The Last Of Us》 《Left 4 Dead》 《Highschool of the Dead》 《World War Z》《Warm Bodies》 《The EVIL DEAD》《Corpse Party》《Counter Strike Online》. The deadline will be 10th December, if you want to join, send a note or email to me. My email is 
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oohhh man thats awesome! the evil dead series was my favorite as a child epecialy army of darkness!! :D :D
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Great choice of angle! And the reddish-orange hue of the blood perfectly captures the slimy , gooey stuff we've all loved in the Evil Dead series! I like it so much... :D :eyepopping:
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Seamless combinations of realism and cartoon seem to be my favorite art.
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Very colorful and bloody at the same.
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names ash.......hardware
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Love. This.

especially the blood splatter on the screen. Groovy.
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yeah! that splatter on the screen is just awesome! :D
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hail to the groovy king! :) love it
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