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Hokage Report,

   Whew, Gawd I missed the DA Journal sooo much (kisses the DA Journal's Soil). With these I feel like my come-back is even more authentic. It's been a long time and even though I feel a bit bad returning to my page with little to no artworks to share, I am compelled to show up for the sake of the people and artworks I've left behind without any notice. So you guys might be asking, what's up with Hokage?

  It's not that I'm not busy with art at all. In fact, art was the reason why I can't visit my page in the first place. You see, I once decided to embrace the commercial art in order to further my career and improve as a graphic designer. Since then, I gave myself time to learn and practice techniques necessary to properly create artworks that is satisfactory to clients of the commercial field. It's like the maturity of my art, an advancement from the hobby art to something that will contribute to the society and influence the real world as I know it. I do enjoy being an advertising practitioner and creating artworks I never knew I am capable of doing. I thought that my art is limited to only Animé and Manga art. As I post my commercial works on Facebook (because I actually wanna share them and show that at least I am achieving things), more and more people acknowledged my ability. It's already at a point where my name spread by word of mouth. Friends and affiliates look for me for my creative service. There's one little problem though…I'm not a Freelancer.

  A female friend of mine is about to get married. They've already sought the service of other artists to design all the visuals that will be used for their wedding. One fine night however, I received a message from my friend. She's looking for me and wants to meet me at a familiar place. There, she asked me to come home with her for an emergency. At her house, she and her sister told my the story. The artist they hired backed out, and they have no one to rely on to design…with only a few days left before the big day. She's my friend, and even though the thought of being a hero by saving their wedding is too great to lat pass, I have no idea how deep the pool I'm about to dive in really is. I have no experience with wedding design yet and I have so little time left. But I can't say no to my friend. She came to me for help. I don't want to let her down not as an artist, but as a friend. It's a challenge. I can see how things will go from here if I succeed. it's a big project, and to pull it off alone will be a testament to my abilities. Imagine my name being mentioned at the reception, and people would wanna meet me. It's a potential business opportunity. I agreed. They even joked that I have no other choice in the first place. Her sister laid down all the designs I'm tasked to work with. From the invitation, save the dates, Stage designs, photowall, props and many more. What excited me is the theme "Rustic". I've always dreamed of designing something rustic, and such an opportunity fell into my lap. The colors are Coral Pink (my friends fave color) and Navy Blue (the Groom, and also my pal's color). They asked me about the fee for my service. I quickly said that we can talk abou it when everything's over. Besides, I have no idead how much I should charge them. Also, I don't like working with money in mind. It kinda tarnish my art and it looses it's sincerity. I wanna design as a friend, not as a businessman. Like I've said, I'm not a freelancer.

   Thus, my design challenge begin. Night after night, I designed and revised 'till it's 2am. I still have to wake up at 6am the next day and go to work. I'm one of those night owls. You know, those who prefer to burn the midnight oil and work late only to feel very lethatrgic the next day. Yep, the lack of sleep did took it's toll when I'm at work. I fight the urge to sleep, but to no avail. Thank God I still manage to finish my work, only it's sloppy and ugly.

  One of my female friends asked me to go shopping and help her choose a good pair of shoes. I find it a good timing since I really need a break. Also, I owe her one since she's the only friend of mine who greeted me at my birthday (I turned the FB Birthday notification off, yet she remembered). So I obliged, telling her that I need a new mouse so I could tag along. I haven't been to the mall just to buy a single item, but she does. We looked for her perfect pair of shoes, critically inspecting each of which to her liking. I've heard myths of girls and their notorious shopping reputation, those moments with her proved it 100% for me (^_^). She kept asking me if it looked good on her. I just say "Yes" since everything she wears will look good on her anyways. One cream 3" flat pumps caught her eyes and she immediately bought it. I guess girls just don't settle for less and is patient whe it comes to what they want. Afterwards, we ate…for 2 flipping hours (well, actually we talked more than we ate). What's stupid was that it's already late and we have to go without me ever buying my mouse. She wore her new shoes and off we go. We parted ways and I felt like a looser for going home with no new mouse. 

  That night, I went back to work for the wedding designs. I was quickly reminded of why I desperately needed a mouse in the first place. My mouse is already busted. But I have no choice but to bear with it, I have designs to accomplish.

  While I worked at night, I'm bombarded by messages asking how much I charge for my designing services. Some from friends asking for a favor. I don't consider myself that good, but these people sure believes in me in some way. Maybe they don't know any other artists which is why they go to me in a heartbeat. The idea of taking work from others and making money from it isn't bad. I do need some extra bucks. The only thing that's keeping me from doing so is my beloved art, and the risk of a burnout. Just last Sunday, I slept all day. I have to in order to give my body a well deserved rest from all my past activities. People think that designing is easy. I really can't take it off their mind. It would be nice to earn money from requests, but then I have to sacrifice my already limited time for my hobby art. I just can't leave it totally. It's my real art and I'd do anything just to have time for it.                              

  Now let's go back to what I've said before, I'm not a Freelancer. Why not? People are willing to pay for my designs right? I don't believe that I'm that good enough to work freelance. You might think that I'm just afraid to try it out. I believe that if I try hard enough, things will work out just fine. Unfortunately, there are many risks I'm not willing to take when it come to freelancing, and that is loosing time for my own and my art. I want to budget my time, to seperate the commercial and the personal. I'm not sure if I could do that the moment I dwell into the world of freelancing. I'm currently satisfied with being a night owl, a ninja who trains under the moonlight as I work on my pieces that makes me happy. I'll be taking my baby staps towards my desired success. As for now, I want to enjoy the Hokage part of myself a little bit longer.

Yep, another long journal to quench my thirst for writing. My apologies in advance for my poor English hehe. I'll try my best to post new artworks. I do have paintings and all, but most are meant for a specific audience so I can't share them. Until then, this is Hokage...

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