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Grotesque, this wench, self-loathing beast
Her hunger quenched, only released
By fantasies, perfection pined
This cursed disease, a lust so blind
Her organs fold, this body spent
To life she holds, barely content
These dagger bones, this sagging skin
Frostbitten tones, here, death begins
Here, death begins, frostbitten tones
This sagging skin, these dagger bones
Barely content, to life she holds
This body spent, her organs fold
A lust so blind, this cursed disease
Perfection pined, by fantasies
Only released, her hunger quenched
Self-loathing beast, grotesque, this wench
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 2
San Marco by hojucult San Marco :iconhojucult:hojucult 0 1
++ Soul Mates ++
Soul Mates
As time consumes impossible romance
A growing desperation wanes within
And visions of what could have been enhance
The tragedy of our two souls so twinned
I clutch at shadows, dreaming of your form
And melt beneath the ling'ring scent you leave
Still wond'ring why our fate must be forlorn
A futile love born from one fervid eve
     And here I suffer, silently I break
     My heart and mind colliding in your wake
:iconhojucult:hojucult 4 12
Mature content
S S S S E E E X M M M M E :iconhojucult:hojucult 0 8
+ Baiser Immortel +
Baiser Immortel / Immortal Kiss
His rose lips wet, his heartbeat still
Absent regret, leans in to kill
A suck so tame, her skin so sweet
Love bite does claim, her life complete
As ivory seeks deeper lust
He hungrily devours thus
And penetrates, down to the soul
Reveals the fate, by moon-light stole    
By moon-light stole, revealing fate
Down to her soul, he penetrates
Devouring, so hungrily
Seeks deeper lust, with ivory
Her life complete, love bite does claim
Her skin so sweet, a suck so tame
Leans in to kill, absent regret
His heartbeat still, his rose lips wet
:iconhojucult:hojucult 1 16
hey jude - ID by hojucult hey jude - ID :iconhojucult:hojucult 1 11
A Moment's Rest
A Moment's Rest
Beneath his heaving chest  
A moment's rest, a whispered breath
Lingering hungrily near his lips
Her wry smile beams and then
Without protest, a fervent lunge
Passion-filled tongue-teasing ecstasy
Immersed in luscious lull
They part for air, a playful stare
Sinfully lusting more rhapsody  
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 5
When Love Is Lost
When Love Is Lost
When love is lost, our passion still
A silent frost, eternal chill
A death to mourn, abyssal sigh
Regret forlorn, our fate deny
Forever more, t'is this I vow
My heart be yours, as it is now
As it is now, my heart be yours
T'is this I vow, forever more
Our fate deny, regret forlorn
Abyssal sigh, a death to mourn
Eternal chill, a silent frost
Our passion still, when love is lost

:iconhojucult:hojucult 1 5
Flower In A Box
Flower in a Box
Flower in a box
blooms pink flesh,
fashioned 'round a poem,
sighing a siren's whisper.
Warped within these walls,
it needs no sensibility –
Just pretty petals
to be touched; fingertip
vines leaving lifelong
impressions of intoxicated
Flower in a box
shuns the light;
still grows and knows
no hope for immortality
and yet, without regret,
it reaches for another
lush caress.
:iconhojucult:hojucult 0 6
-- sage --
Beneath his youthful,
Playful face
A well of wisdom,
Ancient place
A king to worship
Bow beneath
A sage amongst mere
Mortal's heath
Philosopher, a
Mind unmatched
Devoted to his
Law - attached
The humblest wish I
Ask, I dream
His residence, a
Mood supreme
A friendship for which
I do bless
An ever lasting
Soul caress
All this and more
His being, his core
For life, adore
All else – ignore
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 6
Why Do
Why do these petals pass away,
As seasons' turn each restless day
Their flesh aglow with summer's kiss,
their scent in spring, I'll dearly miss
The autumn's laughter carried by
A gentle breeze and your soft sighs
While winter's chill grants me delight -
'neath moon's blue glare, embrace you tight?
Why does each moment, flutter thus
Each time we part, I'm left breathless
My mind, a vault of memories
A reel of love with no bound'ries
A fantasy, a hopeless spell
A feeling time may never quell
Another season, passing, gone –
A love that had lived once upon..?
Why does this lust breed such a guilt
A passion that must surely wilt?
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 4
-- Mother --
Photo from google.
:iconhojucult:hojucult 0 5
The Morns Affair
The Morn's Affair
My lungs awash with Dawn's perfume
Her arms embracing my delight
The crisp clean ambience of morn
The peaking ray of day's new light
And o'er the tree tops, glorious
The shades of sapphire, honeyed jade
Creep closer to her canopy
For this one union she was made
And there I stand, immersed in awe
A fleeting feeling makes me ache
From this lust, a burning passion
To stand forever in her wake
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 4

That night which passed seems worlds away
I wished that in my arms you'd stay
And there, I'd hold you lovingly
The ambience of Yesterday
And yesterday I reminisced
About that moment that we kissed
The kiss, another world away
The magic of another day
Another yesterday

4 MF
<3 D.
:iconhojucult:hojucult 1 6
Indulging in your chocolate kiss
   Your melting lips
   Delicious bliss
Those lonely nights I dream, I dare
    To touch you there
    Your body bare
One motion, lusting limbs entwined
    The night's design
    Your heartbeat, mine
Narrating life's nostalgic verse
    Twinned souls seem cursed
    In hope, submersed
And yet our passion, we embrace
    This secret place
    Forbidden grace
I yearn to hold you openly
    So tenderly
    Our romance free
Full moons extinguished over night
    Desire glows bright
    Your warmth, my light
And when Utopia dies too,
    Life starts anew
    I'll still love you
:iconhojucult:hojucult 4 9
King and Queen
Your Queen
This bed,
     My throne
As smoking incense imitates
A slow burning desire
I watch you marking me
     Your lips
Stroking satin skin
With each exhale
The warmth
     A luscious bloom
Your careful fingers
Guiding gilded limbs
Slither, slide, short breaths
By two darting tongues
Eager hands, liquid dreams
Inside, my body
Succumbing, melting
With the heat
Your passion dies
     You conquer
Rest your cheek
On trembling breast
My King
:iconhojucult:hojucult 1 13

Random Favourites

Shades of Sleep
Another blue ceiling, shadow-choked and unfamiliar,
stares back in sympathy - withered paint crackling
with unshed dust and old-man's tales of long ago,
a silent confidante with blown-bulb twilit wisdom -
It's comfort as cold as this half-empty bed.
Cataleptic - a midnight-waker with four hours lost
and the ceiling is shadow-smothered, blue gone grey
like old-man's ashes spread out over this dark grave
of a room - dust unto dust in the throat, and coughing
with all the enthusiasm of russian roulette.
Pull the trigger on the TV remote to no effect -
3am and the damn thing's still dead, the traitor
with screen black like a post-midnight moodswing,
mourning the absence of love, laughter, light-bulbs
and illumination lost to night's darkened thoughts.
No time for sleep, but dreaming away of such escape -
a 5am fugue with pre-dawn gloom glaring intensely.
Black goes to grey and then back to the familiar view
of weeping cracks in the sarcophagus ceiling above -
tortured eyes read their decay
:icondarkcrescendo:darkcrescendo 32 115
Once by Quemaqua Once :iconquemaqua:Quemaqua 5 16 Ireland - The Cliffs of Moher by Quemaqua Ireland - The Cliffs of Moher :iconquemaqua:Quemaqua 3 4 Ireland - Cong Abbey by Quemaqua Ireland - Cong Abbey :iconquemaqua:Quemaqua 1 3 oculomancy by nighstar oculomancy :iconnighstar:nighstar 2 4 SunBurnt by lyza213 SunBurnt :iconlyza213:lyza213 2 6
like nite
with lite-my name
culers tha wurld
as if to eezy to understand
she noes my feers
but duznt like mee that wae
becawse shes not human
shes a cat
but dont ask her to repeet it
fore she well soon  enuf
and fite her oan batols
with clawz she wuz boarn with
:iconnorman2:norman2 1 19
The Death March.
Maestro Death bows, plays the Danse Macabre,
flays the strings and grins at rigor mortis
screeching through the ravaged senses.
Violin violence bites and rages,
claws the ears and rends with primal discord,
shredding through the shattered corpus.
Reaper's bow screams the day to silence,
stills the breath and kills the dying echo.
Flying souls' ovations greet the end.
:icondarkcrescendo:darkcrescendo 9 66
Anoushka Shankar by childproof Anoushka Shankar :iconchildproof:childproof 23 68
Held in Shiraz
Held in Shiraz
he faltered,
purple ears pricked
while once more
a windy melody
faintly harped
slowly saturating
him with
tales of misty fields;
swimming through crispy grass,
enveloped by the permeating scent
of orange trees,
chiming birds dusting splayed hearing;
nudged by the breeze, he dreamt
of being freely swept like a shiraz lily
on waters' ebb.
Distantly, in a gentle lull
rain pelts rung,
thumping with applause
into soil's cushion.
Laying dormant,
hissing yelps from the corridor
and he heard a tiny voice -
There is an old Iranian proverb
"If you see a blind man, run up and kick him.
Why should you be kinder than God?"

Soot stained,
he bore audience
to the wind's accordion -
in faecal darkness
his shackles stretched,
spying light peeping
through cracks in the rocky wall.
:iconwernstrum:wernstrum 20 61
:iconwernstrum:wernstrum 9 24
BOOKPLATE FOR LAURA by meic2 BOOKPLATE FOR LAURA :iconmeic2:meic2 3 25
sun down-
gathering 'round
gallery rock
stuffed shirt at
flushed floozy by
craft connoisseur
at art assume
imprudent inference
counterfeit reverence
embittered tittering
metaphor filtering
suns downed
gallery gone
audience dust
lights out
rock laughs
:iconwernstrum:wernstrum 7 24
I've Started a Feud
I've started a feud.
I've lit a fuse
and amused the women-
I choose the best
and retreat to my nest.
          (I'm lying)
And crying.  (Lie.)
Kind of high off
controversy and free verse.
Re-verse rethink repair
     the spit-clogged kitchen-sink-
          (I live clean) but
cleanliness is a curse-
a phantom nurse
irons my dirty shirts
while I fuck an empty sheet
in my naked bedroom.
I'm running out of head room.
          And that's no lie.
:iconshadowassassin:shadowassassin 6 41




Artist | Literature
Current Residence: sydney, australia
Favourite genre of music: jazz
Favourite cartoon character: george bush

Sukkot.. and other things..

Wed Oct 4, 2006, 5:48 PM
  • Listening to: Panic at the Disco
  • Reading: CPA Module 6. Fun!
  • Watching: No more dark angel... *cries*
:heart: :heart: :heart: --------------------------- :heart::heart: --------------------------- :heart: :heart: :heart:

Sukkot is just around the corner, so Chag Sameach to everyone if you're going to be celebrating the festival.. I'll be with my friend C again. A friend of ours helped put up her Sukkah after Yom Kippur and now she has this massive thing on the courtyard above her apartment. It's awesome.

I spent the weekend in the Hunter Valley. I can't wait to post all the photos. If was the best weekend I've had all year. I really want to go back already. Or at least crack open a few of the bottle that we brought back with us. We bought so much wine! I tried to fast for Yom Kippur, but after drinking so much wine, I got really dehydrated and sick, so half way into the fast I had to break it. Last year was so much easier. I was really prepared, and I spent most of the time in the synagogue, so it was eeeeasy..

Speaking of Fasting.. and all related issues, I recently read that Jessica Alba suffered from Anorexia. I should have known because I also recently watched the 2 first and only seasons of Dark Angel on DVD, and Jessica went from this gorgeous sexy voluptuous womanly creature in the first season, to a skinny, scraggly sick-looking, almost ugly, stick figure thing in the second season, and she was anorexic during 2001, which was between the 2 seasons, so there you go..

My lastest poetry submission is inspired by that.. and also the Poetry Thursday prompt. I havent written poetry for so long.. nearly 2 years.. so expect some crappolla deviations before the good stuff starts coming again..

Love y'all... have a great weekend.

PS: Meic, hope you're well, angel. :hug:

:heart: :heart: :heart: --------------------------- :heart::heart: --------------------------- :heart: :heart: :heart:



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lemontea Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2008
Have a great 08! :)
Tiberius47 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there! Another Sydneysider!
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Dorinny? Do you remember me, Carina?
I didn't know you have a DA account!
DAIsrael Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2006
:w00t!: היי :w00t!:

רק רצינו לאחל לך שנה טובה...

שנה בה יתמלאו כל משאלות ליבך

שנה שבה יהיה רק טוב בביתך

שנה שבה יהיו רק שמחות

שנה שבה לא ננגב דמעות

שנה של אושר ושמחה, שנה של אהבה

שנה של בריאות ושלווה, שנה של סוף למלחמה

:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:

חג שמח!
hojucult Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006   Writer
"שנה של סוף למלחמה"


Thanks for that. :heart:

shana tova to all of you over at DAiSRAEL
Malkavius Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2006
I've been hearing things have been getting nasty for the tribe over in Australia.
Kajm Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a pictures type of guy, so I have to say you have some very nice shots in your gallery!
hbrodsly Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2006
Thanks for the FAV

Warm regards,
Mickey83 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2006
Thanks for the :+fav: and the watch!
Sydney is the coolest city in the world! :)
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