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Potters and Dursleys

Our Harry Potter Society are having an epic pub quiz in two weeks time. Our vice-president is running it, which is great because it means I can join in! It's going to include EVERYTHING and is the first pub quiz we've done to include Pottermore! So I went through Pottermore today to remind myself of everything (never mind that uni starts back on Monday, this clearly takes precedent!) and was inspired by Jo's description of the first time the Dursleys met James...How Vernen tries to impress James with the type of car he drives so James (obviously) starts describing his racing broom!
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This is brilliant!
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lovely! :la: Reminds me of a fanfic I'd read, it's called "The Boyfriend" on :meow:
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Awkward double date! Poor Lily! :hug:
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Vernon was a lot like Snape...couldn't stand James, so he took it out on Harry. Petunia, so jealous of never ended.
I loved all those little details on Pottermore! The history of the characters is so fascinating.
I really like how you portrayed them here. Petunia looking off to the side with her hands folded, clearly uncomfortable, Lilly looking at Petunia, probably wishing for a reconciliation...
Also like how you did the hair on each of them, and what they're wearing. Very much like how I pictured them all pre-babies.
Lovely work as always!