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PoA - Chapter 19

The Servant of Lord Voldemort

"'We'll take him up to the castle.  We'll hand him over to the Dementors.  He can go to Azkaban...just don't kill him.'"

I admire Harry a lot here, even though by letting Pettigrew live a whole lot of other nasty stuff happened as a result, I think it's an important character moment for Harry.  We can finally leave the Shrieking Shack now! I was kinda getting tired of that background :P
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I love the way you draw Harry Potter characters, especially Harry himself! BTW, do you do commissions? I was going to write a story set in year 3 on and I needed someone to draw a cover image.
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thank you! I'm not doing commissions at the moment (I am super busy!)  But you're welcome to use any art on here as long as you credit me. thanks for your lovely comments :D 
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Or....what if the horcrux inside Harry was telling him not to let them kill Peter? heheheh. 
Crookshanks is cuter here. 
Snape in the much as we learn later about him, it still re-satisfies me when he gets knocked out by all 3 of them! 
Hm, only thing I would say for this one, being critical, is that Harry looks a little too tall here? 
Otherwise, awesomeness as usual. 
I liked all the shack stuff :-) 
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yay thank you!! I am practicing stuff like that (my sister is giving me lessons about perspective and rule of thirds, and all that jazz!),  but thank you for pointing it out - I always love constructive criticism, you don't know helpful it is! :) 
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Thing is, you're SO good at these, and a lot of times, my eyes just focus on the awesomeness. But, I study the picture, and sometimes my brain goes...'wait a sec?' I have NO art background, but boy wouldn't I be tickled if I did :-D  So, always take what I say with a grain of salt, because it could very well be JUST me who sees something off. Maybe when my daughter graduates from school in 7 years we can both go to college for art :-D She can draw it and I can criticize haha. 
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really, really cool :)
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I loved this chapter--really a moment when Harry makes an important decision (which will effect him later).  Great work!
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yeah, and there's something about two grown men, who Harry comes to really trust, not pausing to think as they go to murder a guy (and not even thinking about how Sirius can be a free man if they don't!) and yet a 13 year boy sees what's going on perhaps better than they do!
thanks as always :D
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