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Kings Cross

I love this scene so much! I've always been a bit scared to draw it though...never sure where to start I guess. I'm definitely going to do this scene again because there are some things I like about this one but other things I'd like to to try again!
Once again my scanner didn't pick up all the colours - anyone have any suggestions? Needless to say I threw the instructions ages ago!
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this is really beautiful :) love the light and the atmosphere you gave it :)
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Really good. Captures the atmosphere of that scene
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I think you did an excellent job. Well, I always tell you that, but I don't praise just for the heck of it. A lot of times in pictures of the moment, we see the background as more of a white-cloud-smoke color, but I like how you did it differently in a sort of greenish, yellowish, pinkish...or at least that's what it looks like on my screen.
When I draw, I always seem to draw way too lightly, and the scanner never picks it up. Maybe up the DPI? If you're only scanning at, say, 200 - 300 dpi, it won't pull it all in. 1200 or up would be best. I know my scanner has a panic attack when I tell it to scan that high, but for photos and what not, you sort of have to if you want the quality to convey over.
Also, some photo programs have an auto-fix feature that seems to know what colors are missing. I scanned in some very old photos, and they look better now than they do in my hand. The trees are green now instead of blue!
Anyway, this pic. I love the poses you chose; relaxed and intense at the same time. How that's possible...but it is. Harry also looks the proper age here. I've seen some artworks where he looks 12 or 45. *shrug*. So, lovely work as usual dear!
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thanks as always!! my scanner only seems to go upto 600 dpi...I tried to scan it again and it came out very light. I try to use Windows Photo thingy to try to adjust the levels a bit (though to be honest, I've no idea what I'm doing?"
I think I may just need to bite the bullet and invest in a better scanner!
Also the green was a bit of an accident - I stupidly put blue over the yellow....let's just say it was intentional!
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There are really nice inexpensive scanners out there now that do amazing things.
Heheh to the blue over the yellow - happy accident? It looks it!
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