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CoS - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - The Rogue Bludger

This is another one I'd quite like to have another stab a sometime...I'm certainly lookin gforward to more Quidditch chapter at any rate!
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beautiful!! I love Harry's expression :) he seems determined, but we see he's in pain, too, because of the too many hits of the Bludger..
HogwartsHorror's avatar
I'm glad you noticed - that's what I was going for :D
MiniMonster767's avatar
-is having a flashback on reading the books- :,D
Sinthujia-Delamorte's avatar
Love, love, love!! Thrilling and inspiring- just the way I like my art. Ye ART talented, m'dear. And just like SMS said- Wood for the Win. I just… XD I laughed. Well, chuckled.
HogwartsHorror's avatar
Thank you - that's very kind. Glad you liked it :)
Sinthujia-Delamorte's avatar
You're welcome! And kindness is my job, darlin'. I'm glad you MADE it!
Aquardial's avatar
Wood for the win! I totally chuckled at that.
Wow, you sure have a lot of motion AND emotion in this one. This brings the scene back SO vividly, I don't have to re-read the section to remember exactly what was happening.
Oddly, I find your rendition of the pitch the most interesting. I'm not sure I've ever seen it done that way before, so kudos for that!
So, so good.
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