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Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 2.3“You forgot to buy the spring onions again?! I’m starting to think you’re doing this on purpose, Harry.”Harry groaned and slapped his forehead. “Damn, I knew I missed something.”“Oh drop the pretense.”“I’m serious, Luna,” Harry fixed his sister in an earnest gaze. “I was going to get it but along the way, I met someone.”Luna rolled her eyes as she set the table for three. “You know, if you’re going to lie, at least make it believable. You’re a policeman, Harry - at least learn to lie properly.”“But I’m not lying!” he protested.Luna placed the last plate down on the circular, wooden table and turned to look at him. With one hand on her hip, her sharp eyes bore into his. Harry gulped under her scrutiny. His elder sister was the figure of authority ever since they were kids. A single look from her was enough to have him scuttling for safety when he had done something naughty. Now that they were older, her thick, wavy hair and long diamond-shaped face accentuated the sharpness of her expression even more.He held his breath as she looked at him squarely. Then Luna lifted her hands in defeat. “Fine. So who is this someone you met?”Harry almost sighed in relief. “Do you remember that girl I used to hang around when I was a teen?”Her face scrunched in thought. Luna took a few seconds before replying, “Was it that wild, pretty one whose mother was a second wife?”“Yes, yes! Hermione, remember?” Harry enthused.A smirk grew across Luna’s lips. “You still like her after all these years? I didn’t know my little brother was this loyal.”Red bloomed across his cheeks. He spun back towards the kitchen, busying himself with bringing out the glasses of water. He heard Luna chuckle in the dining room and he grimaced, wishing he hadn’t brought it up in the first place.When he re-entered the dining room, he averted his eyes from Luna. But as he placed the glasses on the table, he felt a hand ruffle his hair.“Alright, I won’t tease you,” Luna said between muffled laughter. “So how is she? Why is she back?”Harry grumbled under his breath. He glowered at her for a moment before sighing in resignation. He could never stay angry with her for long. “She looks as radiant as before. Apparently, she’s taking a break from work. So she’ll be teaching art at our old school.”Luna raised an eyebrow. “A break huh. Interesting.”“Yeah, I guess Shawn will be seeing her in school. Where is that boy by the way?” Harry looked around the house, trying to catch a glimpse of his nephew.Her shoulders raised up in a shrug as Luna ran a hand through her long hair. “Where else? Probably stuck to the computer or his phone again.”Noting the hint of frustration mixed with resignation in her tone, Harry patted her shoulder. “Want me to talk with him?”She shook her head and flashed a weary smile. “Maybe later.”Before he could ask anything further, a young voice with a playful edge rang out in the room, followed by light footsteps padding down the staircase. “Did someone call me just now?”“Dinner’s ready, Shawn,” Luna called out before heading back to the kitchen when she heard the oven ding.Harry watched as a mop of black hair peeped out of the stairwell. At the sight of his nephew’s impish smile, Harry chuckled. “Were you eavesdropping just now?”The lanky teen skipped the last few steps and landed on the floor with a loud thump. He ambled towards Harry and dropped into the chair across from him. A wide grin still splitting his lips, he grabbed a fork and poked at the vegetables on one of the dishes. “I wasn’t eavesdropping. Just happened to listen in.”Shaking his head, Harry sighed and pulled out a chair before settling down on it. He regarded his nephew with an affectionate look. It was hard to dislike Shawn with his winning smile and sweet words. But the teen was difficult to handle at times since he feared no one, not even his mother. Fear was like a double-edged sword - destructive if used wrongly, but sometimes needed to guide someone back on the right path. Harry’s stomach curled at the memory of being whipped to within an inch of his life. Pushing the thought away, he focused his attention on Shawn instead.“So you heard what your mum said about you being too addicted to your phone?” he said gently, without directly admonishing Shawn. He knew that didn’t work on the kid.Shawn gave a careless shrug, one hand already digging into his shorts pocket for his phone. It was as if the phone was a magnet that sucked the kid’s hand to it. Harry always wondered what young people nowadays were doing on their smart gadgets the entire time. Facebook? Games? His eyes would tire of looking at the screen after more than an hour. Maybe he was getting old.“I heard you guys talking about the new art teacher though. Who’s she?” Shawn asked, even as his eyes flitted over the screen of his smartphone.Watching Shawn’s fingers fly over the small device, Harry could understand his sister’s frustration and despair. He wished there was a better way of telling the teen that there was a lot more to life than what was on that small screen. But for now, he let it slip.“She’s an old friend of mine. She’s a singer now, maybe you’ve heard of her?” he said.Shawn quirked an eyebrow and he looked up from his screen. “Oh wait. You mean that small-time singer who’s from here? She’s the new art teacher?”A little indignant, Harry cleared his throat. “Her album did pretty well actually. It got featured many times on the radio, you know.”Shawn simpered as a grin crept across his features. “So you really do like her, Uncle Harry.”Red erupted across Harry’s cheeks and he launched forward in his seat, ready to protest. But before he could deny it, Shawn added, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.” Deflating, Harry sank back in his chair and massaged his forehead between his thumb and forefinger. “You really are incorrigible, Shawn.”The young teen laughed and returned his attention back to the screen. His agile fingers danced across the keypad as he typed out a quick tweet to his followers. Breaking news! Guess who our new art teacher is?? This lady:http://the-songstress-hermione.comThe second his thumb hit “Send”, a notification popped up on hundreds of people’s feeds. Many of Shawn’s friends and classmates replied almost instantly with emojis and short texts, all newly discovering who this Hermione personality was.But one person, in particular, had a vastly different response. After the small pop-up had materialized on his computer screen, tears sprung to his eyes. He lunged for the monitor, his trembling fingers reaching out to caress the thumbnail of Hermione. He whispered lovingly to the smiling picture of her.“I know where you are now, my goddess.”
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 2.2Back inside her old home, Hermione heaved a sigh of relief. She stood in the hallway with her luggage and took in the dreary surroundings. Dull wallpaper lined the walls and a murky carpet covered the floor. She grimaced. The previous tenants had terrible tastes.The hallway branched off into the kitchen and living room, but she would explore that later. Hermione hoisted her trolley bag and headed up the staircase that led from the hallway. The stairs creaked under her weight like before. She noticed that the photos that used to hang on the wall beside the staircase were replaced with paintings that purportedly increased the energy of the space.At the top of the stairs was a small corridor that led off to two bedrooms - to her left was the master bedroom. She barely gave it a glance before turning to the right. Her old bedroom looked almost like how she remembered it. The posters of singers and pop divas were taken down but the bed, dressing table, and cupboard were left untouched. She placed her luggage to one side against the wall and plopped down on the bed. The springs squeaked but it had lost quite a bit of its bounce. Hermione looked around the room. It was drab and lacked character, except for the light pink walls that had faded since she had lived there. At least the previous tenants had kept it neat, she comforted herself. Everything was in good condition and there wasn’t much to clean. As she sighed, her roving gaze fell on the open door that led to the master bedroom across from her. Unlike her room which still caught the last of the evening sun, the master bedroom was shrouded in darkness.Hermione could make out the outline of the large king-sized bed there and the long wall-length mirror behind it. Her lips turned dry as she recalled the unmade sheets, the tangle of bodies, and that unwelcome sound. Fingers curled into the mattress beneath her. Her throat tightened, and with it, the familiar ache in her chest. The walls closed in on her until all she could see was the synchronized movement of shadows. Her breath rattled in sharp and shallow gasps. A familiar numbing sensation spread from the tips of her fingers down to the sole of her feet. Her vision blurred and she thought she was floating.This was bad. Through the haze of anxiety, her mind screamed at her to get out of there. Hermione grabbed her clutch bag and stumbled out of her room and down the stairs. She was out the front door in a flash.Not bothering to take her car, she headed for the gate, opening and closing it with a resounding slam. She hurried down the sidewalk with no clear destination in mind. She needed to put as much distance between her and that house - that bedroom. Her high heels beat a frantic rhythm on the pavement as she sped-walked through the neighborhood. The smell of food and peels of laughter that drifted from the houses melted into a blur. She wrapped her arms around her chest to protect herself from the icy cold settling into her bones, but it did nothing to assuage her. The cold came from inside.She had to get away from all this. Setting her sights on her feet, she concentrated on putting one foot ahead of the other. Soon, the pavement and gated properties were replaced by road sidewalks and empty countryside.The more she walked, the calmer she felt. The fresh night air helped soothe her burning lungs and her breathing returned to normal. Before she knew it, she had reached the small convenience store a few blocks away from her home. She had not been paying attention to her surroundings but muscle memory had led her here, to her old haunt.Nothing had changed in her absence. There was still a hair salon around the corner, along with an old pub. In the distance was the town center, across a large empty field. She hesitated outside the store, wondering whether to turn back and head home, now that she felt better. But a growl from her stomach reminded her that the kitchen there was still empty.She sucked in a deep breath and pushed the glass door open. A blast of cool air welcomed her along with the tinkling of a bell. Grabbing a basket from the entrance, she walked down the aisles in search of her dinner for tonight. With her mind pleasantly occupied by shopping, the tension in her body lessened and the unwelcome memory from before was shelved away in the recesses of her brain. She focused on mentally listing down some necessary household items, grabbing items off the shelves as she walked past. She didn’t take notice of the other customers until a tentative voice called out.“Hermione? Is that you?”Spinning around, she came face to face with a boyish-looking, young man. He had a squarish face and angular jaw that accented his sparkling green eyes. In his hand was a very full shopping basket which, she noted, held a good variety of healthy foods. He seemed familiar but she couldn’t put a name to him yet.She flashed him a polite smile in response. “Yes. And you are..?”“It’s me, Harry! From high school, remember?”The name rang a bell, bringing back memories of a skinny-looking kid who, on occasion, used to hang around her group of friends. He had grown into a handsome man, although his geeky choice of a simple tee and three-quarter cargo pants reminded her of the old Harry. “Oh my god, it’s been so long,” Hermione exclaimed. “I do remember you. How have you been?”Harry beamed. “I’m doing fine. What are you doing back here?”“Just taking a long break from work,” Hermione answered with a wave of her hand. It was a practiced answer that she had come up with. “In the meantime, I’ll be teaching art at our old school.”“That’s awesome! So you’ll be staying here for a while then, I guess?” Harry bubbled with enthusiasm.“Yeah, a few months or so.” She gave a vague answer, opting not to go into details. “How about you? What are you working as now?”“Oh, me?” Harry rubbed the back of his head and chuckled. “I’m a police officer.”She had not pegged him as the police type. Then again, she recalled he was into detective novels and such when he was young. Besides - she discreetly checked him out - it seemed like he was working out. “That’s cool. Hey, don’t arrest me if you catch me speeding.” Hermione winked.“Ah of course I won’t-” Harry caught himself. “I mean I will arrest you-”Blundering over his words, Harry’s ears turned red when he caught Hermione holding back her laughter. “I-I meant..”“It’s alright. I’m just kidding,” Hermione chuckled. He was cute like this, and so fun to tease.“Oh right,” Harry laughed sheepishly, his eyes averting from her gaze. A buzz emanated from Harry’s pants pocket and he fumbled to fish out his phone. He glanced at the screen, grimaced, and pushed it back into his pocket.“Sorry, I have to go.” A tinge of disappointment colored his voice. “But it was nice to see you again.”Hermione gave a small smile. “Nice to see you too.”Harry turned to leave but he hesitated before spinning back to face her. “Oh hey, you know, if you want company or anything, just give me a ring or drop by my place. We can catch up or drink or-or...”She swallowed down a chuckle. Despite the bungled attempt at inviting her into his bed, his sincerity shone through. If it had been a different man, she would be disgusted at the suggestion. But knowing Harry, he really meant to help her get settled in.“Sure.” Her eyes glistened with warmth. “You do check Facebook right?”Harry perked up and dipped his head. “Yeah, you can private message me if you want.”“Great, I’ll see you around then.” She gave a wave of her hand.A shade of pink tainted Harry’s cheeks and he waved back. As Hermione watched his receding back, she felt a rush of warmth through her body. She smiled to herself.Maybe it wasn’t so bad to be back home.
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HogwartsArt Rules

:star:HOW TO JOIN:star:

If you are crazy about the Harry Potter world like us and you like to draw, doesn't matter if you do so really good or not, feel free to join our group!

simply visit #HogwartsArt and click on the button that says "Join This Group"

Watching the club does not mean you're joining. You will need to officially "join the group" to be a member and be able to submit your work.

:star:HOW TO SUBMIT:star:

Your works must be related to the Harry Potter books/movies/fanfics. Let the magic inspire you ;)

If you have art to share, what you need to do is Contribute it to the group. To do so, you need to go to our home page or gallery and click on the button "Contribute Art" or "Sumbit to this Gallery"

- You can only send ONE (1) SUBMISSION PER MONTH^^

- Our gallery has folders for each of the Hogwarts Houses. Please submit your artworks to the folder you think fits better (based on the subject matter of the drawing).
Works that you feel don't belong to a specific House should go to the Various Folder, but please, give priority to the houses folders (for example, a drawing of Lucius should go to the Slythein folder while a drawing of the Sorting Hat should go to Various).

Click the links below to access each House Folder:

:bulletred:GRYFFINDOR:bulletred: :bulletyellow:HUFFLEPUFF:bulletyellow:
:bulletblue:RAVENCLAW:bulletblue: :bulletgreen:SLYTHERIN:bulletgreen:

- We encourage our members to give their best when uploading to dA and to the group, so if we decline a deviation because we feel it doesn't show effort was put into it, please don't take it badly. We just want you to improve! :hug:

- We don't accept scraps or WIPs (we strongly encourage you to try to submit finished pieces, that way your art will surely get more views)

- Submit only your own art.

This community is dedicated to HP graphic illustrations, but you can share your fanfics as well. Please submit these to the FAN FICTION folder that can be found in our gallery.

Please note that we DO NOT accept deviations that use copyrighted images.
These include: movie stills, screenshots, promo shoots, photos of the HP actors that were not taken by you personally, etc.
This is a must-follow rule for us and any deviation that contains a copyrighted image will simply be denied, no matter how good the end result is. We will not give feedback on why we are declining these type of deviations from now on.

We accept photomanipulations, IF the pictures you used on them are yours, or if you used free stock or have otherwise permission from the original artists to be used.

...any question, just ask!!! Enjoy! :glomp:











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